ZTE Confirms The Good Health of Chinese Manufacturers

We have seen repeatedly over the past year and the beginning of 2013 that Chinese manufacturers are superior in terms of hardware, so it’s good to keep an eye on their results seeing that few dare moment to cross the borders into international markets, while many would be glad to welcome the Z5 Nubia , Xiaomi Mi-2, etc..

ZTE It is one of the brands with more tradition in his native country, and financial results of 2012 could not be better, doubling its sales forecasts for a gross profit of the 16.8% in its phone division.

The firm not only grew in sales in China, but also in the United States, although I Shinyou, Executive Vice President of the company, is not satisfied and has stated that they expect that 2013 report them further growth, around 25 or 30%.

ZTE boasts terminals such as ZTE Grand S or the Nubia to ensure success, and not discarded that the company focus efforts in the higher segments market Android, seeing that Firefox OS will come to the range falls with the Chinese firm as one of the first to bring to market phones based on this operating system.