What Happens If an Application Fails to Be Compatible with Our Android?

Google Play allows developers to indicate whether your application is incompatible with some devices. Moreover, when a new version is released, we can expand the list of devices in which our app works. But there is a nuance: can also add new incompatible equipment, and here there can be problems.

It is logical that we can reduce the range of compatible equipment. Just to think that we can add new functionality to our application to support a great value, but unfortunately there are devices that do not support it. But what happens to the application that is already installed on devices that are no longer supported?

You could use any application as an example, but the inspiration for this article came with a particular game, Magic the Gathering. For one of the tests of the review, I installed it on several mobile and tablets. The game features need a big screen to enjoy it, although it was possible to install it on almost any device.

This week has been released a new version on Google Play, and it has reduced the range of supported devices. My extensive list of devices, I see that now will only install it in tablets which, as I have said, is where better enjoy the game.

In this way, I understand that they avoid negative comments on Google Play, people who buy the game for your mobile phone, and then will realize that is not nothing comfortable because the texts are too small. If someone tries it, it will appear as incompatible.

Aside from updates

And here is where the problem lies: and those who have already installed the game? Automatic updates of Google Play system leaves no room for doubt: the application is only updated compatible tablets, while mobile phones remain the installed version, and there will be. It is clear, that it should grace that planted us a version that does not serve us.

The funny thing is that in this case it’s a fictitious incompatibility. In the mobile game works, although not too much playable. Meanwhile in one of the tablets the application did not arrive to boot, but received the new version.

So if you buy an application and new versions are not compatible, you will at least keep the version you already have. Developers have to take great care to handle this, especially in payment applications, because you can leave hanging to your customers in an outdated version.

Moreover, even your “incompatible” users will find out that you’ve launched a new version, used to Google Play to deal with those giblets. What laughter if you uninstalled the application at dismissal, and then they intend to reinstall it…

The solution is simple

Luckily, Google Play offers long ago the possibility of offering different apk for the same application, so that they are optimized for different devices. So we can continue to offer the application to old and new devices. That Yes, the additional cost is to maintain two different versions of the code, but compensates for.


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Drupal completed install

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