Western America

Western America

Bustling and lively cities, desolate desert landscapes, red, white and black rocks, deep canyons and beautiful beaches. That’s what a vacation in Western America has to offer. From San Francisco to San Diego and from Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon: the most famous and iconic national parks and cities can be found in this region. That makes a holiday in West America a guaranteed success. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in California and surrounding states! View an overview of all tours through West America .

According to 800zipcodes, Western America includes the states of: Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California.

Popular destinations Western America

California, Arizona , Utah and Nevada are among the most popular states in Western America, which you should definitely visit during your vacation. The varied wealth of the states in Western America makes them a dream place for a great tour. Especially because you can visit an impressive variety of sights in a relatively short time. Cities, sea and beach, mountains, deserts and forests: you name it and you will find it in this region.

The climate in Western America

Because of the variation in landscapes, you will also encounter different climates during your holiday in West America. For example, in San Francisco in the summer it can be quite chilly in the fog, while it is much hotter on the southwest coast, near Los Angeles and San Diego. And if you go inland from the coast, you will find desert and continental climates, which can push the temperature even above 50 degrees Celsius in Death Valley in the summer. The weather in West America is therefore something to take into account when packing your suitcase.

Best travel time holiday West America

The best time to book a holiday in Western America is from April to November. In the months of April, May and June and September and October the temperature is very pleasant and fewer tourists travel to West America.

Routes within Western America

We offer various routes for a holiday in West America! Our 23-day Western Experience tour is the ultimate tour, covering all the major attractions of the region. If you have a little less time, then our 14-day Vegas Lights and National Parks tour from Las Vegas is recommended. Some routes in Western America allow you to drive along the well-known Route 66.

A complete overview of our tours through West America can be found here.

Fly drives Western America

Don’t have time to make an entire tour through Western America? Then take a look at one of our city trips to: Los Angeles , San Francisco , Las Vegas and San Diego . Or check out our Fly drives: Los Angeles , San Francisco , San Diego , Denver , Las Vegas and Phoenix / Scottsdale .

Cities to visit vacation West America

In California , Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego are wonderful cities, each with their own atmosphere and character. San Francisco’s strong hippie history still makes the city very welcoming and relaxed. In Los Angeles , Hollywood Boulevard and Beverly Hills are real ‘must sees’ and in San Diego you can enjoy the beaches.

Rent a car on your West America vacation and follow Highway 1 along California’s west coast. Enjoy spectacular views and wonderful beaches like Malibu. A paradise for surfers. The road crosses nice places like Santa Barbara and you pass fertile wine regions.

What to do in Las Vegas, Nevada

Inland you will find Las Vegas in the middle of the desert . In addition to the world-famous Strip with its neon-lit hotels, casinos and catering establishments, this city also offers plenty of options for shoppers. Visit one of the many shopping malls and imagine yourself in Venice, Paris or New York . There is a lot to do in Las Vegas and everything seems possible! It is sure to be a highlight of your Western America vacation.

If you have had enough of the hectic pace of this busy city, you can enjoy imposing buildings and beautiful nature reserves in various places outside Las Vegas. Such as the Hoover Dam, one of the largest dams in America. Red Rock Canyon National Park and – a little further on – Death Valley National Park are also as beautiful as they are impressive. In short, Las Vegas is definitely worth a visit during your vacation in West America!

Discover rugged landscapes during your vacation in West America

If you go inland from Los Angeles or San Diego, the variation quickly increases. Drive through Palm Springs – a popular winter destination among Americans – to Joshua Tree National Park . The characteristic Joshua Trees show their endurance in the dry, arid and rugged landscape. Further east you can go to Phoenix and Scottsdale for some more urban fun. Especially if you like to play golf, Scottsdale with its dozens of beautifully situated courses is a must to visit on your West America vacation!

Photo opportunities during your vacation West America

Between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon you will find Sedona, an arty town surrounded by imposing bright red rocks. The route to the Grand Canyon via Sedona alone is breathtaking: the landscape forces you to stop the car or camper for a photo opportunity in many places. On the same route you will also find Montezuma’s Castle, the famous houses carved into the mountainside.

The Grand Canyon is perhaps the most impressive of all of America’s landmarks. Because of its kilometers of deeply worn canyons and views, but certainly also because of the spectacular sunset. Make sure to plan your visit to the Grand Canyon to experience the magical moment of sunset! This is really a ‘must see’ during your holiday in Western America.

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is located along the Pacific Ocean in California, United States. You may come across this if you are driving between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

National Parks of Western America

A holiday in West America is not only known for its striking cities, but also for the large number of national parks and monuments. In addition to the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park , Bryce Canyon , Monument Valley and Yosemite National Park , you can indulge yourself in Arches National Park with its special arches, Antelope Canyon with its unique and mysterious canyons that you can walk through to the huge cacti in Saguaro National Park near Tucson.

But you can just as easily dive into Western history in the town of Durango where time seems to have gotten stuck in the years of the cowboys and Indians. Discover the real wild west as we know it from the movies here.

Holidaying in West America is best done with a rented motorhome or car. Experience the freedom of city and nature and determine your own pace and route. We are happy to help you put together your perfect tour through this amazing and overwhelming region!

Would you like to get an idea of ​​what your dream holiday through West America could look like? Take a quick look at our tour of West America page.


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