Vodafone Will Replace Yomvi by Your TV Online Starting February

In the renewal of rates which took place Vodafone in the summer of 2014 introduced a novelty which attracted many tariffs with unlimited calls: Free Yomvi. Those customers could choose between the Yomvi family package or Yomvi League + free, three months for which directive the M network or for two years for the L or XL network.

But with the purchase of Canal + (owner of Yomvi), Movistar, and with the completion of the contract that Vodafone signed with them will come changes. From the month of February the operator customers who have family Yomvi will have access to Vodafone TV Online, while those who enjoy Yomvi + League pass to have manure Soccer 1, all free for a minimum of 10 months.

The purchase of Canal + by Movistar has benefited clients of the operator on the one hand, but on the other also harm to other operators. And it is that between the terms of the purchase, the CNMC has established that Movistar would have to keep contracts that other operators had signed with Canal +, at least until they finish, leaving its renewal in the air.

Y This renewal has not come in the case of Vodafone. The British operator has opted to migrate customers who enjoyed some package of Yomvi to its own offer of online television. In this way, these clients are already receiving text messages by which notified them changes, and the way forward to access the new platform.

Channels that are going, channels that are added

The change will come on February 1. Yomvi + family customers will have access to Vodafone TV Online, with 17 channels accessible smartphones or tablets with iOS or Android, while Yomvi + League which had become having fertilizer Soccer 1. All of them will have at least 10 months free.

The change represents a change in the channels that will have access customers of Vodafone. Yomvi + family included for example children’s channel or National Geographic, not included in Vodafone TV Online, although this includes the Hollywood channel or Discovery Channel, not present in the previous offer. The undersigned to Yomvi League + could access eight La Liga matches per day, that will now change for the best out of each day, not available in its previous offer.

Customers of these packages will have to go to this website to subscribe to Vodafone TV Online, although you can that Movistar is also directed to them to offer online access to a new range of Yomvi. Now only we need to know What will happen with Jazztel customers, that you also have access to Yomvi. All indications are that the changes will also arrive in February.


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Source: www.kotaku.com.au