Vodafone Will Offer All Its Customers The Double Minutes and Meg during The Summer for Two Euros

Summer is one of the times in which we use more mobile, by spending less time in our homes, and is also along with the Christmas period the time that usually operators launch punctual promotions. And as you give mobile already is no longer so fashionable, it’s turn for promotions on rates.

We have already seen how the majority of operators have opted for what now seems the main factor of all rates, data, offering more megs during the summer period. But in the case of Vodafone promotion will affect both minutes and megabytes, that you bend to all customers contract and card in Exchange for two euros.

If you are Vodafone customers and have expected that your rate is short during the summer, your company has a solution for you. Don’t talk about common bonds of minutes or megabytes extra, but a promotion that is starts July 15 and will end on August 31, available only for virtually all clients of the operator.

For users of any contract fee (except with Mini voice rate) can bend the minutes and megas included in your fare in Exchange for a one-time fee of two euros, while of prepaid (including the rates Yu, international Smartphone and Vodafone in Spain) They bend megs, that no minutes, also in Exchange for two euros. Contract customers will need to call the 1444 to activate this promotion, while the card will have to dial the short code * 346 #.