Vodafone Will Have Symmetrical Fiber from December 9: More Speed without Additional Cost

Jazztel opened the way in January 2014 when it launched the first offering of symmetric fiber in Spain but it wasn’t until August of this year when Orange made his own replica. Four months later, it is Vodafone which updates its rates matching the speed of lowering ahead of Movistar, despite more than one year talking about symmetry.

As we have learned in Engadget Mobile, it will be the next December 9 When will come into force new rates Vodafone One fiber and fiber ONO for new customers and also automatically to their current customers, who will receive an informational message at the time to start the new symmetry to be available Multiplies by ten speed When we upload files to the cloud or send photos and videos or upload them to social networking.

No need to apply for it and no extra cost, Vodafone will be upgrading its network to provide symmetry progressively, but only to clients with access FTTH and thus again strengthen your convergent package compared to other alternatives.

Rate Vodafone One XL new

Along with the new speeds, Vodafone will also hire Vodafone One XL with 10 GB, the replica that was missing from its network rates in combination with ADSL or fiber, which is also valid in roaming by the EU and us in includes unlimited SMS, free essential TV, 5 GB Vodafone WiFi and Netflix for six months.

From 92 EUR with fiber 50 megas symmetrical, 12 euros more expensive than the similar version in Orange, the Kangaroo family, but without the extras of Vodafone, as well as having 30 megas symmetrical instead of 50 but with the advantage that orange can be shared with another line.

After the new update of the offer, rates Vodafone One entire remaining follows: