Vodafone Will Charge Bills Advance to New Customers

Understand invoices not always is an easy task. Proof of this is that 10% of help desk calls are related to billing, when in fact there are more doubts than errors by which to correct such volume of queries that could be avoided, operators tend to have initiatives to try to facilitate understanding. Vodafone It has been one of the most active years, being its latest proposal a curious video invoice.

But it is this same operator in which we find a new stumbling block that goes in the direction already from now, be charged the monthly rates in advance to new customers. I.e., on the first invoice charges will appear by the actually consumed more monthly fee the following month, giving the feeling of being more expensive than the contracted.

The following bills will be more “normal” as we will see the monthly as so far (although the corresponding to the following month) next to the additional loads that may have occurred the invoiced month. But what happens if we change our rate to half of cycle or give us low? In the following invoice Vodafone will be in debt with us and we will have to return the advance fee or the proportion…

We will, from now new concepts will be added to the invoice with Returns or double charges that Vodafone must Rinse very well if you want to that they add you accounts to some users that it will be very present that Vodafone already charged a fee in advance. I wonder what is the contribution these measures apart from a new degree of complexity.

An inherited form of payment of ONO and that from my own experience, complicated enough relationship with customer in cases of suspected billing errors. It is easy to explain doubts to the agents, or agents are easy to show reality to certain customers.