Vodafone Turns The Fight of Football: League and Copa Del Rey Free to Hire BeIN Sports

The flagship among the large operators since last August is pay television, and more specifically the football. The companies have pulled the price of the packages that include football, but in a few weeks here the aggressiveness of the offers had relaxed, with the end of promotions for Movistar and Vodafone.

But Vodafone has decided to return to the fight, with a promotion that may be of interest to many. The offer consists in three months of Vodafone TV free for new hires, but accompanied by another, which offers access to two fertiliser football channels (which emit across the La Liga and Copa del Rey) free to hire beIN Sports for 10 euros a month.

The sales reach of Vodafone. All their converged packet or ONO fiber customers who do not have contracted currently television can access a new interesting promotion until February 29, that, in addition to having three-month package hired free, hire package football at half its price.

The promotion comes after have ended Vodafone for its previous promotion, which offered football package for 16 euros, going to have a price of 20 euros per month. But also comes when Movistar customers have said goodbye to the promotion that offered its Premium Total package (including football but without Champions and Europa League) for 9.90 euros per month. Intelligent movement of Vodafone.