Vodafone Launches New Tariff + Lines M with 3 GB and Unlimited Minutes for 25 Euros

Vodafone continues with the price increases initiated by four operators network under the guise of improving conditions to which not all will benefit, but with the difference that this time, the change only affect new customers from 1 October.

Modification which affects the range of rates + lines, the targeted families who hire more than one mobile line under the same headline and as a peculiarity in Vodafone, these not only rates are available for convergent offer Vodafone One If not you can also hire her who are not interested in ADSL or fiber but having the online mobile main one of the Network rates.

Within the five rates + lines available, Vodafone is going to replace + M lines with a new version that keeps minutes and unlimited SMS but which now will be with 3 GB for 25 euros instead of 2 GB for 23 euros. The old version is no longer available so that only users who already have it activated will keep it.

A change which, according to Vodafone, to adapt to the increase in the demand of data users and although it does so with conditions that could result from the most interesting even front most MVNOs, after the 7 GB of Amena for the same price, so-called advantages as the best coverage 4 G or services included as Backup + year and the three months of Secure Net, they know little if you really need more than 3 GB per month.

New Smart L, exclusive for customers

In addition to changes in + lines M, starting on October 1 Vodafone also released a new rate Smart L aimed at those who just want a mobile line intermediate between the existing offer of 200 minutes or unlimited minutes with a new step of 300 minutes and 2.1 GB for 28 euros. It may sound well as an alternative but the idea to join 60 minutes for 1 euro in Orange Toucan rate seems more interesting.

This rate will be offered by Vodafone to current customers who usually consume every minute or all the gigs of the M Smart but not be sure to make the leap to the network fees for the price difference

So is the complete range of rates Vodafone contract