Vodafone Improves Its Data Rate by Default

Until now, customers of particular contract from Vodafone is throwing to surf the internet from your computer without hiring a specific rate data, met with an exorbitant price of €2 /MB.

But beginning today, Vodafone has updated this rate very sporadic users who don’t want to hire any of the monthly rates, lowering the price to € 1.9 each 19 MB and limiting it to a daily maximum of €9.5 and 1Mbps speed, regardless of the consumed traffic.

This rate is an imitation of the very similar daily rate of Movistar, which charged €1 for each 10MB up to a maximum of 10€ / day, also limited to 1 Mbps, although jobs to copy could have imitated €0.99 Simyo rate / 100MB.

Even so, hope that Vodafone continue updating their rates of monthly data that, despite having changed few months ago, have been very late in comparison with the latest sales by Movistar and Orange these last days.