Vodafone Eliminates The Service Allowing You to Brand New Smartphone Every Year

Along with the payment of smartphones that came after the end of the subsidies, in addition, Vodafone also first introduced in Spain the leasing of mobile to facilitate the renewal of the phone once a year under the ‘New’ service each year.

An exclusive service for users with rates Smart or network that includes Mobile insurance and guarantees to change Smartphone once a year when return of the old at the time of renewal in addition to paying an extra addition to the timescale of the new model chosen, always high range, It varies between 10 and 12 euros per month.

Two years later, Vodafone has decided to still providing new each year to new customers as of November 6 Although it will keep it for those who already are enjoying it. After the latest changes in the financing of Vodafone smartphones, a specific service ceased to make sense since the new payment already allows you to renew once a year only was reversed the prcedimiento.

Renew each year will still be possible

With the new payment, users can continue renewing once a year but instead add an additional cost to deadlines from the first day, the alternative will be pay deadlines that may be pending corresponding to the smartphone that you are going to change and start from scratch with the financing of the new model, starting a new period of two years thereafter, leaving void previous stay although it will be necessary to keep the rate or pay penalty otherwise.

We found major differences in flexibility when it comes to renew the phone since payment by instalments is compatible with any fee, hire insurance is optional If you want to save and can choose whether to keep the phone old or give it access to more discounts with retrained.