Vodafone Continues with The Impulse Given by ONO, with More Customers of Fixed and Mobile Contract

Vodafone is one of those players that always leaves on the negative side of the table, although it is also true that if we add the ONO and Lowi data it would be at the gates of earnings in the monthly data portability. In spite of this the results of the operator for the quarter ranging from April to June are quite satisfactory.

Despite an income slightly descending, Vodafone can boast of numbers. According to them, the Red operator It has managed to your mobile contract customer base grow in 54,000 lines, While in paragraph fixed and television growth has been from 81,000 and 33,000 customers respectively.

The reduction of competitors and convergence are being a relief for large operators in Spain. And it is that while before virtual and Telstra did more than steal customers, data are now positive. It was already added to June 30, Vodafone more than 14.1 million mobile lines, when a year ago the figure was not reaching the 13.5 million.

These data are a clear sign of how the market has changed in recent times. While in the second quarter of 2014 Vodafone Lost 36,000 mobile lines, this year has grown in 56,000 lines, clarifying that growth refers to the contract lines. No doubt these data are given, to a large extent, Thanks to the purchase of ONO, who has reinforced offer convergent with its cable network operator.

Regions without ONO and more 4G fiber

The basis of fixed broadband and TV customers has also grown. Vodafone has now with 2.851.000 fixed Internet clients (1.768.000 on ONO network) after capturing 42,000 new lines in three months. By the side of the TV, the customer base reaches the 821.000, 474.000 under the TiVo, inherited from the Millicom platform.

Apart from the results of the quarter, Vodafone has also had time to talk about deployments. From the operator They claim to have started deployment of its fiber in Extremadura, Asturias and the Basque country, where was ONO cable not present, while the 4G continues to grow.

4G coverage now reaches 80% of the population and 1,600 municipalities

The operator LTE coverage already reaches 80% of the population, with a presence in 1,600 people. 4 G +, which can provide up to 300 megs down, is already present in 126 cities, including all provincial capitals. In addition coverage has been reinforced in the summer in more than 500 tourist towns face and the 4G to 800 MHz is in the process of expansion, beginning with Galicia.

With all of this, Vodafone is paying his way to bet for what bet direct rivals, convergence. Movistar, Orange and Vodafone are centered in the rates that together fixed and mobile, leaving some side the only mobile rates. Now, to be seen occurring in the market for pay television, where all the operators are outstanding football.