Vodafone Changed The Price of Football: Now Up to 20 Euros for The Complete Package

After continuous extensions of the promotion of Vodafone that offered everything soccer for 6 euros for the season, in October it changed strategy and began offering it free to their customers while would be new to those who would have to pay up to 16 euros if they hired him from the month of November. Month and half later, the operator will return to change of price for those who contracted it from December 16.

As they begin to settle the bases which will allow operators to set up bids for the next three seasons, Vodafone continues to move threads as already noted after done, next to Orange, with the rights for the retransmission of all football in bars. His intention is to be able to reach agreements with Movistar and Mediapro for access to football in economically reasonable conditions, objective and non-discriminatory, and so it seems, this will bring the end of the aggressive price that tried to outshine Movistar and their 25 euros without Champions.

Vodafone will offer the same price so if you are a customer and if you’re new, but will feature two different as packages in Orange.

  • Package League with all the La League and the Copa del Rey by 10 euros per month.
  • Package Football including League, Cup, Champions and Europa League by 20 euro per month.

To hire any of the packages of football will continue to be necessary to have a fee Vodafone One and Vodafone TV essential as minimum which includes other 35 channels for 6 euros (or free with One L). Also required in Movistar but not in Orange where it is possible to hire only the football without any other channel.

The offer of Vodafone television as well is