Vodafone Also Sees as Their Income Grow Years Later, Convergence Works

If last week we saw as Movistar saw their income grow after years of decline, today it is the turn of Vodafone. The British company also gives us the same news, and is that with growth of 1.1% year on year, the revenue of the British operator they grow for the first time since 2008.

the operator in the last quarter, 1,254 million euros turnover data supported by the success of its convergent offer. The rates that already make up the connection of ONO have managed more than 800,000 customers, What has also helped the operator to add 85,000 mobile customers.

After years in which virtual and new players in the sector, such as applications, have taken a toll on accounts of the large operators, 2015 is the year of recovery for these. And the key to the recovery of accounts seems to be clear: the packaging of services.

More customers of fibre, mobile and TV

Vodafone can boast of having grown up not only in revenue has also grown its customer base. In addition to the 85,000 mobile lines added in the past three months, the operator also has 48,000 customers of fiber most (because they are a total of 1.816.000) but where most grew Vodafone was on television, with 78,000 customers won in the quarter.

This growth in all the services seems to be the effect of the success of Vodafone One, that has added 461.000 hires more since June. As a result, Vodafone would be getting clients who previously maybe only had with them a service (fixed or mobile) dare to hire more products.

But continuing that pace will not be easy, for what Vodafone will continue to invest in increasing their 4G networks and fiber. At the end of year operator hopes with its 11 million fiber homes, while the 4 G +, with up to 336 MB download, will arrive in brief to 30 cities.

They are in the air two important issues that affect the evolution Vodafone business: regulation of Movistar fiber and the auctioning of the League for the next three years. The outcome of both points they can alter the current scene, so surely from Vodafone will be attentive to possible changes.