Vodafone Adds Roaming Free and More Megs in Unlimited Fares, This Time without Additional Cost

Vodafone just announce your renovated face Christmas rates with changes both in the convergent offer Vodafone One and the only mobile rates and for additional lines that bring two main advantages: the extension of the free roaming by the EU and the U.S. all unlimited fees in addition to a megs without cost increase Vodafone One with fiber.

From November 19, current and new customers of Vodafone One S will go to 500 MB additional in your rate with no additional cost while Vodafone One L adds 1 GB more. In addition One M and One L can use unlimited calls and the gigabytes of your fare also when they travel to the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Albania and Turkey, or United States. Current Vodafone One customers who want to enjoy roaming free of charge service will have to request it in attention to customer.

Where if we will see worse conditions will be in the convergent offer shares with ADSL climbing a euro in the majority of cases other added benefits where there is no to those mentioned above for customers with Vodafone fiber.

Improvements to roaming free with unlimited rates and more gigs also affects the offer for additional mobile lines Although in this case if the quotas with a increase of 1 euro in + Mini lines in Exchange for additional 200 MB, + lines S goes up another euro and added 500 MB + lines M maintains the price but adds free roaming and + Line L goes up two euros but it adds a giga and roaming. These changes will not apply to existing customers It will retain the conditions as so far while not requested the change to the new rates.

The new offer of converging rates Vodafone as well is

New optional only mobile rates

Renewal rates today presented Vodafone also will affect the offer not convergent, i.e. to the lines that only want to hire mobile service in its three categories: Mini and Smart network, but only to new customers since the Today they may retain the intact conditions or requesting a transfer to the new details we will enumerate.

Rate Mini voice rises a euro in Exchange for reduced the price per minute to 0 cents while Mini S passed to count with 1 GB and rounded the price to rise 50 cents. The Smart family is reduced, disappearing the cheapest Smart which was available with 500 MB less. The network, apart from including all roaming, network M keeps its price, Network L climbs two euros in Exchange for additional 1 GB and Red XL climbing six euros in Exchange for two additional gigabytes.