Vodafone 1520, Originally Asus P550

The catalogues of company operators tend to anticipate interesting terminals, advanced features, is the case of this Vodafone 1520, which is none other than the ASUS P550, a manufacturer that does not have much presence in the telephony market, “leaves” the telcos normally baptize their phones with their own brand.

The Vodafone 1520 It is a classic Pocket PC, a 3 G with Windows Mobile 6 Professional, touch screen of 240 x 320 pixels and 65,000 colors, 2 megapixel camera, WiFi and GPS built-in as major attractions, on the negative side the lack of HSDPA and its impressive 188 grams of weight.

Being a mobile company are multiple options of hiring, but playing with the switch of plans of Vodafone I have found prices from about 80 euros to the 214. Also with the British operator we can already find the Nokia E51.