Users Google Play Turks Gives False Featured a Star to Leave Reviews

Although strangely paraecer can be, the score you receive an application in a virtual store is a great help to others when it comes to choosing an application and to the desarrollaodr to notice their work more valoradoy get so more people. Is for this reason that in many applications ask for you to give them a vote expected to be sincere, but not everyone is quite so clear.

It is not known how, but the system of recommendation of opinions of Google to select the best views is failing miserably. However, users of Turkey have managed that, just tell them, If they put in his review a single star get reviews from reaching the front page without effort. An example of the affected application is Where completo My Water 2, that if we go to the section in Turkish us enocntramos with these comments.

Normally would be few who use it, but mysteriously repeated such comments, where they say that clearly the application works perfectly, but that they put a star because they want people to read your comments., obviously there is some of this style do not like or who receive failures, but most use this method.

This is a very important decision, because many applications could be affected by bad reviews that would make that people not ended legit applications. Google is very good at search Spotlight and it is surprising that this kind of things happen when is sopone that its work is that this type of event will not occur.