US 62 in New York

US 62 in New York


US 62
Get started Kiantone
End Niagara Falls
Length 103 mi
Length 166 km





Niagara Falls

According to a2zdirectory, US 62 is a US Highway in the US state of New York. The road forms a north-south route through the far west of the state, from the Pennsylvania border through Buffalo to the Canadian border at Niagara Falls. The route is 166 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Near Kiantone, the road enters the state, US 62 in Pennsylvania exits Franklin and Warren. The road has 2×1 lanes and runs through rolling and semi-wooded area to the north. The road then runs east of the larger town of Jamestown and crosses Interstate 86 at the village of Kennedy, the Erie – Elmira highway and finally New York City. The road then continues north through the western New York countryside. There are no large towns on the route, only a few large villages before reaching the Buffalo metropolitan area. The first suburb is Hamburg. The road then crosses Interstate 90, but there is no connection with it. One then crosses theUS 20, an east-west route from Erie to Albany. The road then runs through Buffalo ‘s southern neighborhoods and intersects Interstate 190, which runs to downtown Buffalo. US 62 does not, but runs through the eastern neighborhoods of the city. The road here is called Bailey Avenue and has one lane in each direction. It then crosses SR-33, a highway between downtown and the Buffalo airport. You pass through the typical old neighborhoods of Buffalo with many small old detached houses close together. The road then crosses Interstate 290, the northern beltwayfrom the city. The road then curves around North Tonawanda, a larger suburb of Buffalo, and then curves west. The road then enters the border town of Niagara Falls. The road has 2×2 lanes here and crosses Interstate 190 again. The road then ends just before the border bridge with Canada, just a few hundred yards from Niagara Falls.


According to, US 62 was added to the network in 1930. The route originally ran no further east than Kentucky, but was extended to Niagara Falls in 1932. Although US 62 is an east-west route, it runs north-south in New York.

Bay State Parkway

Reference Route 909E
Get started Jones Beach
End Jones Beach
Length 3 km
Jones Beach parkingMeadowbrook State Parkway

Jones Beach parking

Wantagh State Parkway

The Bay State Parkway or Bay Parkway is a short parkway in the U.S. state of New York. The highway is located in the metropolitan area of ​​New York, near Jones Beach, on one of the islands that surround Long Island. The highway has virtually no function, and runs between the Meadowbrook State Parkway and the Wantagh State Parkway. It is an access road for 8 huge parking spaces for recreational users who go to the beach. The road is 3 kilometers long.

Traffic intensities

Exit Location 2008
Jones Beach Causeway 3,700

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes
Meadowbrook State Pkwy Wantagh State Pkwy 2+3

Bear Mountain Bridge

Bear Mountain Bridge
Spans Hudson River
Lanes 1×2
Total length 687 meters
Main span 497 meters
Bridge deck height 47 meters
Opening 27-11-1924
Traffic intensity 19,500 mvt/day
Location Map

The Bear Mountain Bridge, formally the Purple Heart Veterans Memorial Bridge, is a United States suspension bridge located in upstate New York.


The Bear Mountain Bridge spans the Hudson River in hilly terrain just north of the New York City metropolitan area, near Peekskill. The bridge is a two -lane suspension bridge over which US 6 runs. The total length is 687 meters with a main span of 497 meters. The bridge deck is 47 meters above the water. There is a footpath on both sides of the bridge.


The bridge was built between 1922 and 1924 and was opened to traffic on November 27, 1924. It was briefly the longest suspension bridge in the world, for 19 months until the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia opened in 1926. A few years later, much larger suspension bridges opened. The bridge was the first vehicular bridge south of Albany and the southernmost link until the Holland Tunnel was opened. The bridge was operated by the Bear Mountain Hudson River Bridge Company for its early years and was transferred to the New York State Bridge Authority in 1940.


The bridge is named after the nearby 393 meter high Bear Mountain. The mountain is prominently visible from the bridge, which is located at its base.

On October 2, 2018, the bridge was officially renamed the Purple Heart Veterans Memorial Bridge. Near the bridge is the United States Military Academy at West Point. The Purple Heart is a military decoration awarded in the name of the President of the United States to those injured or killed while serving in the United States Army. However, the name is assigned to many bridges and roads, making the name not very distinctive and generic.


The bridge is a toll road, operated by the New York State Bridge Authority. The toll is $1.50 cash for a passenger car and is charged eastbound only.

Traffic intensities

In 2011, 19,500 vehicles drove over the Bear Mountain Bridge every day, which means it is at its maximum capacity.

Bay State Parkway

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