US 4, 6 and 44 in New York

US 4, 6 and 44 in New York

US 4 in New York

US 4
Get started Albany
End Fair Haven
Length 80 mi
Length 128 km


Hudson Falls



According to 800zipcodes, US 4 is a US Highway in the US state of New York. The road forms a north-south route in the east of the state, between US 9 in Albany and the Vermont border at Fair Haven. The route is 128 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road begins in the East Greenbush suburb on US 9, which comes from New York City and heads toward Plattsburgh. One then crosses Interstate 90, the highway from Albany to Springfield and Boston. The road is quite a bit higher than the surroundings, and you have a view of the Albany skyline. One then descends to the town of Troy, a larger suburb of Albany. One crosses the SR-7, an east-west highway along the north side of Albany. The US 4 runs here over the bank of the Hudson River. The road crosses the river at Waterford and then continues on the west bank. The area is slightly hilly, but not yet heavily wooded. You pass through small towns such as Mechanicville and Schuylerville, but ignore the larger towns. Interstate 87. runs about 15 kilometers awayparallel to the north. The road then crosses the river again to walk on the east bank. You then pass through Hudson Falls, a slightly larger town, near the larger Glens Falls which is located just to the west. The road then leaves the course of the Hudson River and heads northeast along the Champlain Canal. The area here becomes a lot more hilly with more forest. The last major town before the border is Whitehall. For Fair Haven one crosses the border with Vermont, after which the US 4 in Vermont continues as a highway to Rutland.


US 4 was created in 1926. The western starting point at the time was US 9 in Glen Falls. In 1930 the route was extended further south to Albany. This route followed the old US 9E, so this part of US 4 also runs north-south and not east-west.

US 44 in New York

US 44
Get started Kerhonkson
End Millerton
Length 66 mi
Length 106 km




US 44 is a US Highway in the US state of New York. The road forms an east-west link in the south of the state in the so-called “Hudson Valley” and runs from US 209 in Kerhonkson through Poughkeepsie to the Connecticut border at Millerton. The route is 106 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road begins at the village of Kerhonkson on US 209, the main route from Port Jervis to Kingston. The road then heads east through the foothills of the Catskill Mountains to the valley of the Hudson River. The road has just one lane in each direction and goes under Interstate 87 at Ardonia, but there is no connection with that toll road. The area here is quite densely wooded. At Highland one then crosses US 9W, the western branch of US 9. The road then crosses the Hudson River via the Mid-Hudson Bridge. The bridge is a stately suspension bridge and spans the 800 meter wide river. The road has 4 lanes here. One crosses the US 9then through an unusual grade-separated intersection in the median strip of US 9, after which the road continues through the center of Poughkeepsie. Poughkeepsie is a regional city with 30,000 inhabitants. The road then runs along a slightly urbanized corridor to the northeast and intersects at Washington Hollow with the Taconic State Parkway, the northernmost parkway in the New York metropolitan area. The area is a bit more hilly and half wooded. At Millerton, the road crosses the state line into Connecticut, then US 44 continues in Connecticut to Hartford.


US 44 was added to the network in 1934. The route has not changed in New York State since then. The Mid-Hudson Bridge was opened a little earlier on August 25, 1930 and is a toll bridge.

Traffic intensities

In 2011, 41,800 vehicles crossed the Mid-Hudson Bridge every day.

US 6 in New York

US 6
Get started Port Jervis
End Brewster
Length 78 mi
Length 126 km

Port Jervis







US 6 is a US Highway in the US state of New York. The road forms an east-west route in the south of the state, between Port Jervis on the Pennsylvania border and Brewster on the Connecticut border. The road runs just north of the New York metropolitan area. The route is 126 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road joins Interstate 84 into the state over the Delaware River from Pennsylvania. US 6 in Pennsylvania comes from Scranton. At the first exit, US 6 exits and forms its own route parallel to I-84. The road then has to descend, and on the way you have a nice view over the state. Just south of the town of Middletown, the road leaves the routing of I-84 and parallels SR-17, a highway that is to become Interstate 86 in the future, to the east. The road passes a few villages and is partially double-numbered with the SR-17. At Harriman, SR-17 ends at Interstate 87, which runs from New York to Albany, and US 6 gets its own routing further east, through Harriman State Park. The region is heavily forested, and US 6 then runs east where the Palisades Interstate Parkway ends from Fort Lee. The road is then a 2×2 lane highway for a while until the Hudson River. Via the toll bridge Bear Mountain Bridge you cross the 500 meter wide Hudson River. The road here is double-numbered for a bit with US 202, which comes from the northern suburbs in New Jersey. In Peekskill one crosses US 9, coming from New York City and heading towards Albanyruns, and also the Briarcliff-Peekskill Parkway ends at US 6. The road runs through downtown Peekskill, and US 202 then turns off, running more or less parallel to the road to the northeast. This is northern Westchester County, and the area here is urbanized with distant New York suburbs. US 6 then runs through hilly and wooded area along some lakes to Brewster, where it crosses Interstate 84 again. The US 202 then doubles again with the US 6. Interstate 684, which comes from White Plains to US 6, also ends. US 6 and US 202 then run together over the border with Connecticut, after which US 6 continues in Connecticut toHartford.


US 6 was created in 1926. A little earlier, on November 27, 1924, the Bear Mountain Bridge, a toll bridge over the Hudson River and the most important work of art in US 6. The route has not changed significantly since then, but with the construction of Interstate 84 in New York it took a long time. importance of the US 6.

US 6 in New York

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