Unitymedia: More Smart Phones And New Mobile Tariffs

The cable operator remodels its mobile Tarifportolio and expanding its range of smartphones and tablets. There are some advantages for cable customers.

The cable network operator Unitymeda revised its mobile tariffs and extend the matching hardware offer. In stores and on the website of Unitymedia there is now a greater selection of smartphones and tablets. “With our attractive portfolio with the relevant premium equipment and alternative middle-class smartphones, Unitymedia will search the top

hardware at low prices now available to the first point of contact for all”, explains Christian Hindennach, head of the Unitymedia retail business.

New mobile phone tariff, Unitymedia has adapted the cutting of included services. Cable customers who have booked at least a “comfort” bundle tariff, get 5 Euro discount on tariffs – thus the entry tariff PureMobile 500 is free of charge. The tariffs are available according to the company for the time being only for new customers and so far only in shops and via the hotline. Online, the new tariffs should be available “is expected in about 10 days”, it goes. Until then, the current rates can be booked on the net, still. Unitymedia realized his mobile phone offer on the net by Telefónica O2.

The advanced Smartphone portfolio includes leading devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 (€499) and the iPhone 6 S (619 euros). There is affordable middle class such as the Samsung Galaxy A3 (219 euros) or Huawei P9 Lite dual (249 euros). If you choose to the Smartphone also mobile phone lines or cable connection from Unitymedia, can pay off the device without additional costs in rates. The financing should be possible also for existing customers who wish to have a new smartphone. (vbr)