Two New Wireless Stereoheadsets from Jabra

Jabra Jabra Tag can Play and clipped onto the vehicle or be worn around the neck in a chain.

Jabra Jabra Play and Tag are two new wireless headsets that combines great sound, ease of use and a modern design. The two new headsets can be clipped onto your clothes or wear around the neck in a chain.

Jabra Play is a small cylinder shaped headset, which can be linked together with two devices at once, and you can easily switch between music and calls. The headset is provided in both black and white. Suggested retail price is at 499 dollars.

Jabra Tag combines music playback, call control and FM radio in a dog-tag-design. Jabra Tag has soundproofing, in-ear headphones and can also be supplied in black and white. Suggested retail price is of 599 dollars.