Top 10 Largest Cities of Ukraine

Top 10 Largest Cities of Ukraine

Ukraine is an Eastern European country surrounded by countries such as Russia, Belarus, Poland and Romania. It is about 14 times the size of the Netherlands, with versatile nature and numerous large cities. Do you want to know which are the largest cities in the country? This is the top 10 largest cities in Ukraine.

10. Sevastopol

Sevastopol is a port city with a special location in Crimea on the Black Sea. This explains why, since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, there has been discussion about which country Sevastopol actually belongs to. Russia has a naval base in the city, so they also want to keep the city. Since 2014, Russia has reclaimed the city, but Ukraine does not recognize it. Of the 379,000 inhabitants, a large part is also of Russian descent (72%).

9. Mykolaiv

In the south of Ukraine you will find the city of Mykolaiv. The city is not far from the Black Sea and has a convenient location because several rivers converge in the area. This wetland environment explains why shipbuilding has always been one of the city’s main economies. This is also where the famous circular warship Novgorod was built. At present, Mykolaiv has about 510,000 inhabitants.

8. Kryvyi Rih

This city in Ukraine is extremely important for world trade, because Kryvy Rih is located in a rich industrial area. For example, iron ore and uranium are mined in the area, two substances that are extremely important for many industries. The city is also an important transport hub, where several (water) roads converge. During the Second World War, a large part of the city was unfortunately destroyed, so there is a lot of new construction. About 700,000 people live in the city.

7. Lviv

The city of Lviv is located in the west of Ukraine, not far from the border with Poland. In Dutch the city is also called Lemberg. Over the years, the city has been owned by several countries, from Austria and Poland to the Soviet Union and Germany. This also means that many population groups live in the city, which gives the center an incredibly diverse appearance. The monumental buildings refer to all kinds of different cultures. Today, about 730,000 people live in the city.

6. Zaporizhia

In the southeast of the country you will find the city of Zaporizhia. The city is best known for having a large nuclear power plant , being the site of Ukraine’s largest automobile manufacturer (ZAZ), and also home to a major aircraft manufacturer. It is also really an industrial city that is not much visited by tourists. Cruise ships stop regularly, because you can visit the island of Chortytsja from the city. Zaporizhia has about 810,000 inhabitants.

5. Donetsk


The city of Donetsk is located in eastern Ukraine, where it is the center of the Donets Basin. Unlike many other cities in the country, this is really an agricultural city. Around the center you will find rich nature, from rolling hills to small forests. In 2014, the administration of the city passed from Ukraine to the Donetsk People’s Republic, a self-proclaimed people’s republic backed by Russia. 1,000,000 people live in the city.



Odessa is also an important port city of Ukraine. The city is located on the Black Sea and is located on low hills near the water. It is a grand city, with its own opera house, lavish passages and luxurious residences. That also makes it a popular destination for tourists from Russia, Turkey and other surrounding countries. With a population of 1,000,000 people, it is easy to call it one of the largest cities in Ukraine.

3. Dnipro


Dnipro has a special history. This city is located almost in the heart of Ukraine, but was cut off from the outside world for a long time. This was at the time when Dnipro was still in the hands of the Soviet Union. Since Dnipro was an important industrial city, it was used as a site to develop nuclear weapons. Therefore, strict rules applied to who was allowed to enter and leave the city. Today Dnipro is home to 1,100,000 inhabitants.

2. Kharkiv


Kharkiv not only has a huge population, but is also an important city for Ukraine because it is a large cultural and industrial center. The city has many museums, a large university and many companies in the field of technology. A special attraction is the Freedom Square, one of the largest squares in Europe. Kharkiv is very close to the Russian border, so the city has been claimed by the Russians in the past. Today, 1,500,000 inhabitants live there.

1. Kiev


Ukraine’s largest city is also its capital. The city is located in the north of the country, with a convenient location on the Dnieper River. Over the years, Kiev has been seized by many different countries, from the Russians to the Germans and Poles. This also explains why you will find buildings in the most diverse architectural styles. With a population of almost 3,000,000, it is obvious that this is the largest city in Ukraine.