The Young Sends Android to Slivers of Cool-Barometer

70 percent of young people think that Android is more ‘cool’ than last and previous years. Apple and Microsoft have smaller increases than the search giant.

Young people are an important segment of the electronics, internet and software companies, and especially Google’s Android platform seems to gain popularity among the 18-to 29-year-old.

According to our site is equal 70 percent of the young Americans in such a way that Android is more ‘cool’ than a year or two ago.

Operating system thus both Apple and Microsoft on top the list of the largest increases. 60 percent of 18-to 29-year-old believes that Apple appear more cool than in the past, while barely 50 percent equals the same about Microsoft. Twitter and Facebook scores respectively 47 and 42 percent.

It is not clear immediately whether the remaining believes that accounts are on the same level or has become less cool. It is also not defined what the respondents put in the term.

Reuters reports that the investigation included 853 persons between 18 and 29 years.