The Sale of Smartphones at Google Play “Is Here to Stay”

The sale of Nexus 4 in Google Play has basically been a joke. Google has opened up this possibility on rare occasions, and in all of them – except in this last – has had to close the virtual doors interested by the limited availability of these competitive terminals. However Google seems convinced that the model works, and they want to keep it in the future.
Jamie Rosenberg, one of the owners of Google Play who participated in a panel discussion this morning so confirmed it at the Mobile World Congress 2013 that is taking place in Barcelona. “In this talk, Rosenberg said that the sale of smartphones, tablets and other devices on Google Play”is here to stay”.

If that is the intention of Google, the company will have to work hard to solve the errors committed during the trajectory of the service of sale of hardware devices. The launch of the Nexus One original as free device not gelled: the US market was not ready for the direct sale of a free terminal, but probably the idea would have been a great success in Spain. And the recent problems with the stock of the Nexus 4 have finished by give a bad image of Google that the Mountain View company should try to correct.

Rosenberg stated that “we are improving to meet the demand and manage the shop in the way that users expect from us”. The Director of Google however added an important element of this effort of Google. Google Play tent “is an efficient way to achieve that we can take these devices to the market in various countries around the world,” making it clear that control the distribution and stock their solutions hardware has great attraction for the company.

As a curious note, Google opened again the possibility of buying the Nexus 4 Google Play Spanish store last Sunday, and Since then it seems there have been closures. Coincidence by the celebration of the Mobile World Congress? Will it hold the stock of 4 Nexus and Nexus 10?