The Project Team Ara Works on a Module to Measure Our Level of Oxygen in The Blood

Project Ara is be being developed by Google, the most prominent of the different projects that will bring the first modular mobile phones to the market during the next few years. In this way, each user can make a mobile to your liking choosing which are the modules that you want to include in the.

Far from conform to remove interchangeable modules with hard drives, processors or RAM memories, Paul Eremenko, head of the team that is developing Project Ara, has taught a module that will allow our mobile phone analyze our oxygen level in blood.

Eremenko believes that when mobile phones begin to be able to measure increasingly more in vital Training of its users, it would be not unreasonable thinking that they also began to storing medical history of these, what could be a huge breakthrough in the world of medicine.

In addition, if currently can find dozens of applications dedicated to sport, this type of new sensors might lead to the application of other new apps that help control other less visible traits of our health, which will be beneficial to all users.

Although the module to measure oxygen in blood is currently only a prototype It has been shown to work perfectly, by what would be not unreasonable to think that we could see it not long after the launch of the first mobile in the Ara project, which it is assumed that they will begin to arrive during the coming year.