The New Permissions Simplified Google Play at The Point of Sight

One of the novelties of the new version of Google Play Store launched the month last were their simplified permissions. Google has grouped more than 150 Android permits in 13 groups So let us know and understand more easily functions and data from the phone can access an application before installing it, but without going into details.

With the new permissions simplified now see the groups of permissions to access an application, without knowing exactly which permissions are. For example, now inform us that an application wants to access the SMS, but without specifying if it is to receive, send or edit messages. To know exactly to permissions to access an application already have to see the list details of permissions which is located in the section of Additional information your tab.

Groups of permissions:

  • Shopping in the application
  • History of the application and the device
  • Configuration of mobile data
  • Identity
  • Contacts/calendar
  • Location
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • Photos, multimedia data and files
  • Camera/microphone
  • Information about the Wi-Fi connection
  • Check the identity and status of the phone
  • Another

Continuing with the previous example, if we are going to install the application Line we see that you want to access the SMS, showing in its detailed list that is only for receiving SMS, on the other hand, WhatsApp we see that it also wants to have access to the SMS, but in this case in its detailed list, we see that it is to send and receive SMS. We see that both applications require access to the SMS permissions group but that they then do not use the same individual permissions. The same goes for the other groups of permissions, which then need not be the same.

Another important novelty of these simplified permissions is now the user accepts all possible permissions of each group’s permissions Although the application does not require them in that version, esto affecting updates, which has generated some controversy in the last days.

If an application is now updated and requires new permission now Google Play only will let us know of the change if it’s a new group of permissions. On the other hand, if these new permits are included in a group of permissions that we already accept in the previous version we not inform. I.e. If an application requiring the Group of SMS permissions to only read messages, in an update you can add permission to send messages without informing us Google Play change as if made before, since we now accept all possible existing permissions for each group of permissions.

This change has been criticised in recent days, Since some people see these simplified permits a security hole in Google Play, saying that malicious applications could add new permissions of the same group to have access to more personal information or apply us charges without Google Play review this, but really that is not so, since Google Play at all times informed us of the groups of permissions that could access that application.

Therefore, now when you upgrade an application, though tell us that this new version does not require any additional permission, only refers to new groups of permissions. To really know if they have added a new permit will have to access the list of details “Additional information”, in which if you will let us know the new permissions as you see in the above screenshot.