The Error “Missing System.Img” No Tea Leaves Flash Android 5.0 in Your Nexus? Here The Solution

Today Google has finally begun to upgrade its Nexus progressively Android 5.0 (Lollipop), published for the most impatient factory images to the 5 Nexus, Nexus 7 Nexus 10, but many of these users who have tried to install the new version in your Nexus have been found with the error “missing” which aborts the installation.

The script flash-all that allows us to install the image of a Nexus factory for some reason fails when you try to install Android 5.0 image files, but fortunately there is a simple solution, and is unzip the ZIP file of the image and proceed to install the files manually by following these steps:

Flash the bootloader and the radio (radio does not appear for all nexus, if it is not in the tgz is because we don’t need it)

fastboot flash bootloader < bootloader file name here >
fastboot flash radio < radio file name here >

After flashing the radio bootloader, we need to restart the bootloader to load the new version, we must not skip this step!

fastboot reboot-bootloader

We now have the following files to Flash:

fastboot flash recovery
fastboot flash boot
fastboot flash system

Only for Nexus 9

fastboot flash vendor
If you want to delete the cache and user data (delete it all), we have to Flash this:

fastboot flash cache
fastboot flash userdata

Finally, we need to reset our device to get Android to boot with the new version
fastboot reboot