Test: Dogee Pixels DG350

Despite the name’s Pixels no kameralur. But it makes a good effort to be slightly protruding.

Doogee is the latest in a series of Asian companies of smaller size which would turn into the Swedish market for more or less grand variant. Semi Swedish Dahl and Xtouch are other companies that come up with a series of fairly cheap trick (or Yes, Dahl never got the memo that it would be cheap, even if they had the specifications for it) and now we have Doogee with the same theme.

Pixels is one of the “top models” in context, made sure that it is the second most expensive phone in the range, although expensive in this case means only 1 600 SEK. For that, we cannot expect too much to really plan. Despite lurking as Oneplus One pressed down the price for top performance to just below 3, 000 price tag has not really followed the same curve for budget headset at the other end of the performance scale.

On the other hand, makes the Pixels something that not many other lurking in this class can even be accused to try with, namely to try and stand out. The back and part of the bottom front has a white mosaic pattern that is somewhat reminiscent of the tile. The tanks can not completely unexpected to the surface treatment that LG’s Nexus 4 and Optimus G had when they were released. Although a huge thick layer of varnish is sitting in the way that we actually feel the pattern make it though a lot in order to distinguish the phone’s exterior against much more. Whether you think it is neat or not is mostly a matter of taste, but the Pixels are much more identity on the outside than many other lurking in this price range.

While we’re talking outside we will not claim that construction quality is something to sour over, but overall, it is actually really good. Tile pattern that gives the phone its identity However, battery cover feels enormously thick, which adds a certain sense of plastighet.

Tile pattern is also that which is why the name of the phone. Pixels is a name that could be traced back to a really sharp camera or a high resolution display, but unfortunately there is nothing we should enjoy ourselves with in this phone. Doogee the call screen retina display (wonder what Apple’s lawyers says about it?), with reference to resolution 1280 x 720 pixel divided over 4.7 inch screen real estate provides a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. Then it is pretty much the usual, it feels like the use of IPS technology would be more to brag about at this price point, for it makes the colors look pretty good on the screen.

When it comes to the other possible name the source, camera, however, it is a little worse. Pictures in broad daylight grötar it all together from details and colors and picture quality as expected, do not direct the trickier light conditions as the camera is exposed to.

On the way into the phone we find memory card slot as well as dual slots for SIM cards. It is in no way something unusual for Asian phones, but rather a standard procedure we still don’t really understand why it is not standard even in fooling from larger manufacturers.

The inside of the handset does, however, not nearly as much to stand out as the tiled exterior. Most startling is that the rather odd Simon · 4.2.9 is used. Otherwise, it is a question of icons to most bundled apps are replaced with something more colorful and simplified, as a child mode variant on a flat design. So certainly has very many Asian phones seen out for a long time, so specially unique we should not pretend that it is. In addition to that, it’s a pretty clean Edition of Android we are greeted by, except that Google Maps will return in three places among the apps under the name navigation, Maps and local.

The reasonably clean Android interface, however, does its bit to the handset to scroll to pretty good. In performance tests, place it in the higher segment for cheap trick and in normal use chugs along most of the time at which we can expect. The downside is the three menu buttons at the bottom that seems to need a little extra pressure to react. Although the screen is a little two-tier experience. Typing on the keyboard or pressing the buttons feel very accurately and precisely. However, peksensorerna does not completely awake when it comes to scrolling, then the whole thing often lags slightly against the finger movement.

In terms of price point doing Pixels okay. Tile pattern makes the handset stand out far more than most lurking in the price point and performance as such, there is nothing major wrong. Camera non and the uncertain touch technology in both screen menu buttons, however, feels not quite fun if we are going to see the big picture.

Questions and answers

How does it look with the updates?

Unfortunately neither budget phones or lurk from smaller brands are endowed with updates of any excessive scale. Therefore, we can hardly hope for something for the Doogee part, either.

Have the radio?

Yes, with a headset that may act as the antenna piece of work.

Dual sim cards, but how does the call?

Phone call sounds okay in both directions and Android’s built-in features to switch between SIM cards work very smoothly.

Plus and minus



The look


Tough touch screen at sweep

Tafflig camera

An alternative: Motorola Moto G-budget with brand.

It may sound a little silly to hunt the famous brands, but in the long run it may pay. As well as for guarantees that updates and build quality for a longer period of time usually known brands stand out better in many cases. Why is Motorola’s second-cheapest model really interesting.



Dogee Pixels DG350 test: Ultra billig Android med retina-skærm

Dogee Pixels DG350 test: Ultra billig Android med retina-skærm

Source: mobil.nu