Lloyds Bank branch in Leeds
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How to open a U.K. bank account?

Opening a bank account in the United Kingdom should be one of your first concerns if you dream of studying there, especially if the idea is to spend a long time taking an undergraduate or graduate course, for example. Want to know how to do this? Find out in the text. Countryaah: See population statistics […]

London Eye
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5 Tips to Adapt when Studying in London

Adapting abroad is not an easy task. You will experience a sudden change in climate, time zone and many other factors. If you are going to study in London, for example, you will have to understand more about the culture of the inhabitants there to be able to get used to the differences. Luckily, there […]

Cambridge University during winter
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Oxford Vs Cambridge

Oxford and Cambridge are undoubtedly the most famous and prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. This can end up leaving those who want to do an exchange in the country a little confused about which one to choose to study. With that in mind, we set up this comparative guide that analyzes several factors that […]