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Study in Nebrija Universidad

city Madrid is an impressive city with many sights and places to go out. There is actually something going on from Monday to Sunday, which of course can endanger learning. The city center with its many old buildings is reminiscent of Paris or Vienna. You can also get to know the real traditional Spanish life […]

Facultat de Ciències - UAB Barcelona
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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Student Review

From September to December 2018 I was at the international campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona . I was there with two fellow students from my home university. Since we are taking the same course and our course regulations are relatively strict, we have taken the same subjects, five in total. That doesn’t sound […]

Banking services in Spain
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How to open a bank account in Spain?

If you move to Spain for a long term, whether to study or work, you will probably need to open an account with a local bank. But do not worry that this will not be a very difficult task. Spain has a large expat community and, as a result, there are many banks that provide […]

Sevilla, Spain
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9 Things You Need to Know before Exchanging in Spain

Do you dream or have you ever thought about doing an exchange in Spain? So find out in today’s text some curiosity and fundamental information to avoid problems and enjoy your experience there as much as possible. Find a local news channel and stay informed The first tip is even before boarding: start reading Spanish […]