Sussex County, New Jersey Demographics

Sussex County, New Jersey Demographics

Sussex County, New Jersey is located in the far northwest corner of the state and is part of the larger Skylands region. The county covers an area of 578 square miles and is home to an estimated population of 140,679 people as of 2018. The county seat is Newton.

The geography of Sussex County consists mostly of rolling hills and valleys that are a product of the Appalachian Mountains which run through the region. The highest point in Sussex County is High Point at 1,803 feet above sea level. This area also contains numerous rivers and streams such as the Pequest River and Flatbrook-Roy Wild River which both pass through the county.

According to findjobdescriptions, the climate in Sussex County is typical for a temperate continental climate with cold winters, hot summers, and mild springs and autumns. Average temperatures range from about 25°F in January to around 75°F in July and August. Snowfall averages around 33 inches per year while rainfall amounts range from 36 to 42 inches annually.

The population of Sussex County is mostly made up of white Americans (83%), followed by Hispanic Americans (9%), African Americans (3%), Asian Americans (2%) and Native Americans (1%). The largest cities in Sussex County are Newton, Sparta, Andover Township, Wantage Township, Vernon Township, Byram Township and Franklin Borough.

Sussex County offers a unique mix of geography, weather conditions, history and culture that make it an ideal place to visit or live for those looking to explore rural New Jersey. With its picturesque landscapes and charming towns, there’s something for everyone here.

Economy of Sussex County, New Jersey

Sussex County, New Jersey is home to a vibrant and diverse economy. The county’s strategic location in northern New Jersey and its abundant natural resources make it an ideal place for businesses of all sizes to establish and grow. The estimated total labor force in the county was 81,500 people as of 2018, with an unemployment rate of 4%.

Agriculture has long been an important part of the Sussex County economy. Dairy farms are the mainstay of agricultural production here, with over 50% of the land in the county dedicated to dairy farming. Other major crops include corn, soybeans, apples, hay and wheat.

The manufacturing sector is also a major employer in Sussex County. Major employers include pharmaceuticals giant Merck & Co., automotive parts manufacturer OMP USA Inc., plastics manufacturer Tekni-Plex Inc., and defense contractor BAE Systems Inc.

The tourism industry also plays a significant role in the economy of Sussex County. The region is known for its stunning natural beauty and numerous outdoor recreational opportunities such as hiking, camping, fishing and kayaking. This has made it a popular destination for visitors from all over New Jersey and beyond.

Sussex County has much to offer businesses looking to set up shop or visitors looking for a great time. With its strategic location within New Jersey and its abundant natural resources, this area offers something for everyone.

Libraries in Sussex County, New Jersey

According to babyinger, Sussex County, New Jersey is home to a variety of libraries that offer an extensive selection of materials and services for residents. The county has two branches of the Sussex County Library System, located in Sparta and Newton. The library system offers traditional library services such as lending books, magazines and DVDs, as well as access to digital resources such as e-books and online databases. The library system also provides a variety of programs for children and adults including storytimes, classes on technology and crafting, book clubs and more.

The Sussex County Library System also offers a number of special collections including genealogy resources, local history materials, foreign language materials and more. Additionally, the library system maintains a large collection of reference materials for students taking classes at Sussex County Community College.

In addition to the county library system, there are several independent libraries located throughout Sussex County. These include the Sparta Free Public Library in Sparta, the Andover Public Library in Andover Township and the Franklin Free Public Library in Franklin Borough. These libraries offer similar services to those found at the county library system but may have more limited collections due to their smaller size.

Sussex County is home to numerous libraries that offer an extensive selection of materials and services for residents. Whether you’re looking to borrow books or take advantage of digital resources or attend a program or class – there’s something for everyone here.

Landmarks in Sussex County, New Jersey

Sussex County, New Jersey

Sussex County, New Jersey is home to a variety of interesting landmarks that offer visitors and residents alike a glimpse into the county’s history and culture. One of the most prominent landmarks in the area is the historic Waterloo Village. Located in Stanhope, this 19th-century village was once a thriving canal town and is now a National Historic Site. Visitors can explore the village’s original structures including an old gristmill, blacksmith shop, general store and more. Additionally, Waterloo Village hosts a variety of events throughout the year such as concerts, festivals and craft fairs.

The Ringwood Manor State Park is another popular landmark in Sussex County. Located in Ringwood, this park features the historic Ringwood Manor House which dates back to 1740. Visitors can explore its grounds which include gardens, trails and scenic views of the Ramapo Mountains. In addition to its historical significance, Ringwood Manor State Park also offers recreational activities such as fishing, hiking and picnicking for visitors to enjoy.

Another notable landmark in Sussex County is High Point Monument located in Montague Township. This 220-foot obelisk stands atop New Jersey’s highest point at 1,803 feet above sea level. From this vantage point, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of three states – New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey – as well as miles of forested hillsides below them.

Sussex County has much to offer when it comes to historic landmarks. Whether you’re looking for educational opportunities or recreational activities or just want to take in some stunning views – there’s something here for everyone.

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