Study in Nebrija Universidad

Study in Nebrija Universidad


Madrid is an impressive city with many sights and places to go out. There is actually something going on from Monday to Sunday, which of course can endanger learning. The city center with its many old buildings is reminiscent of Paris or Vienna. You can also get to know the real traditional Spanish life in Madrid, as there are far fewer international influences here than in Barcelona, ​​for example. So for all night owls, I can only recommend this city !


Finding an apartment in Madrid can be a bit more difficult. But it is best to search on site, as you should definitely see the apartment or the room in person. It was not uncommon for rooms without windows to be offered. In any case, you should be patient. The area doesn’t really matter, as the metro network is extremely well developed and you can get anywhere very quickly. However, the university district of Moncloa is very popular with students and is also very close to the university. Otherwise, there is also the option of living with a host family or in a student residence. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about that, because I took care of a shared apartment.


The Universidad Nebrija is spread over two campuses, one relatively close to the center and the other about 30 km outside. However, both are very easy to reach. The campus outside offers more Spanish courses, whereas in the center there are more Spanish and English-language courses. Since I had all the courses in the center, I unfortunately cannot report anything about the campus outside. I mainly took English business courses because I study business administration myself and this was important to me. The range of English courses is very limited, however. I also took an accompanying Spanish course, which is offered for all language levels. I also have that in September, and I took a four-week intensive language course, which I can only recommend. On the one hand, there are only up to ten people in the course, so you are very challenged and always integrated. On the other hand, it is ideal to make initial contacts with future fellow students. The building itself is very nice, there are small classrooms and a nice little cafeteria. The use of one of the many existing computers with Internet access is also free for all students.


The organization around the semester abroad worked smoothly. For any questions, MicroEDU has always taken the time to clarify the open questions. Through close contact with the University of Nebrija, you always get a suitable answer. The on-site organization at the university also worked very well.

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