Study Human Resources Abroad

Study Human Resources Abroad

“Every company is only as good as its employees” – as in most truisms, there is also a grain of truth in this one. In order to assert themselves in the market, companies depend on well-trained and motivated employees.

Everyday work of a recruiter

Anyone who believes that HR professionals only conduct job interviews and manage personnel files is mistaken. The magic word is Human Resource Management : HR managers are responsible for making optimal use of “human resources” or the specialist knowledge and skills of employees. Ideally, they act as a link between management and employees . According to TOPPHARMACYSCHOOLS, you carry out coaching, identify problems, ensure a good working atmosphere and thus increase work motivation.

Where can I study human resource management?

Human resources, human resource management – the names of the study programs that prepare for a career in human resources are different. At some universities and technical colleges, human resource management exists as an independent course of study .

Far more often there is the option of choosing human resource management as a focus in a classic business administration degree . In this case, the course is divided into two parts:

  • In the first part of the course, the focus is on business basics.
  • In the higher semesters, students are given specialist knowledge in the field of human resource management.

Structure of the human resource management course

Since personnel management is a sub-area of ​​business administration, the different areas of business administration are also in the foreground at the beginning of the independent bachelor’s programs. The students have classes in mathematics , statistics , business informatics and general business administration.

From the beginning, however, the psychological and sociological foundations of personnel management also play a role. For example, the students learn what to look out for in job interviews and what measures there are to motivate employees. Topics such as conflict management, personnel controlling or labor law are also on the curriculum.

The master’s degree

After completing the bachelor’s degree, there is the option of entering the profession or adding a master’s degree. A master’s degree qualifies for management positions and also offers the opportunity to specialize in a certain area of ​​personnel management. There are focal points such as personnel consulting or international personnel management . In some cases, the internationally oriented master’s programs are entirely in English.

Requirements for HR managers

HR managers should have the following skills and interests:

  • A lot of empathy
  • Sociability
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Interest in economic connections
  • Good math and English skills

Occupational fields

Since every company depends on good employees, the opportunities for graduates are quite large. You will find work in companies in almost all industries.

Classic areas of activity

In large companies, several HR managers often share the work. For example, the supervision or further training and advancement of employees fall within the remit of HR staff. Masters graduates, in particular, often occupy leading positions in HR departments .

Other fields of application

In addition to industrial companies, temporary employment agencies and recruitment agencies also employ personnel managers. Human resources departments in cities, municipalities, and non-profit organizations also provide jobs.

Another option is to work as a speaker in the social and educational system or as a lecturer at institutes of adult education . Master’s graduates can also pursue an academic career at the university.

Opportunities of studying abroad in the field of human resources

Studying abroad is an attractive option not only for students who would like to work in international human resource management later on. One or more semesters in another country impart intercultural skills that are important for later professional life due to the increasing internationalization of the economy. In addition, a study visit abroad offers the opportunity to improve foreign language skills and to make contacts all over the world .

Study Human Resources

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