Strunyan and Terme Čatež, Slovenia

Strunyan and Terme Čatež, Slovenia


According to best-medical-schools, Strunjan (Strunjan) is a popular Slovenian health resort located on the seashore in a park with coniferous and olive trees. Here, nature itself has created favorable conditions for health: sea air, a lot of greenery, salt mud. Here is the thalassotherapy center, which offers wellness and rejuvenation programs, as well as beauty treatments.

In addition to treatment, there is something to do here, for example, go to Postojna Cave, alpine lakes or a stud farm. Strunyan also offers many options for outdoor activities – tennis courts, swimming pools, bike rental and much more.

Treatment in Strunyan

The main “medicine” of the resort: a special microclimate, sea water and sea therapeutic mud. The salty bay and local circulation increase the amount of aerosols in the air – but there is very little bacteria, smoke and pollen in it, which is good for allergy sufferers. The resort treats diseases of the respiratory tract (including bronchial asthma), neurological and skin diseases, disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Therapeutic procedures: hydrotherapy (baths in warm sea water, herbal and pearl baths, individual and group hydro-gymnastics), underwater massage, manual massage, mud therapy (compresses from sea mud purified and warmed up to +40..+45°С), herbal compresses, electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, respiratory therapy (special gymnastics, aerosol therapy, vibration or manual chest massage), Chinese traditional medicine: acupuncture, auriculotherapy.

In summer, you can swim in the warm sea (the beaches are large pebbles and concrete) or in the open pool, in winter – in the indoor “Olympic” pool with sea water (temperature +32 ° C), a small children’s pool or in three massage pools. The hotel complex also has Turkish, Finnish and infrared saunas, a solarium and a bio-bar.

Entertainment and attractions

Lipica and stud farm, Postojna Cave, Škocian Cave, excursion to Venice.

Fans of sports and recreation will be interested in five tennis courts (two with lighting), basketball courts, beach volleyball courts, table tennis, mini-golf, bicycle rental.


Very slight temperature fluctuations, 90 clear days and 2300 hours of sunshine per year, little rainfall.

Terme Čatež

The Terme Čatež resort is located on the right bank of the Sava, where the Sava merges with the Krka River, and is surrounded by the Goryanci forest, which passes into the Bizel hills in the north. The height above sea level is 142 m, the distance to Ljubljana is 100 km. The subalpine climate, mild winters and moderately hot summers make it attractive for recreation and treatment almost all year round. On the territory of the resort there are hotels, camping, a medical center, the Mokrice castle.

For treatment, 9,000 square meters of thermal water surface is used here in summer and 1,850 square meters in winter. The water temperature is from +27°C to +36°C, there are ten outdoor pools with water slides, currents, waterfalls, an artificial lake, a wave pool, as well as indoor pools, waterfalls, a children’s pool with games. Additional services: solarium, sauna, Turkish bath, underwater massage, vibration massage, manual massage.

Treatment at Terme Čatež

The main medical profile of the resort is the prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (inflammatory processes of rheumatic diseases, degenerative and extra-articular rheumatism), as well as post-traumatic, postoperative rehabilitation (including after oncological operations), treatment of neurological diseases and overweight. For treatment, acratic hyperthermal springs with temperatures from +41°C to +61°C are used, containing potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, sulfur oxide, chlorine, bicarbonate, as well as natural mud. Therapeutic procedures: balneotherapy, thermotherapy (fango, paraffin sheets, cryomassage, “thermopack”, “sollux”), hydrotherapy (water gymnastics, Halwig treatment for children with cerebral palsy, analgesic water therapy, galvanic baths, “pearl” and aromatic baths.

The Terme Čatež resort also accepts disabled people. In the “peak season” there are a lot of tourists and many children, so the best time for rehabilitation programs is January-April and October-December.

Entertainment and attractions

Tourist train trips along the “wine roads”, to Ljubljana, Postojna, Bled and Zagreb.

Cycling, boating, tennis, table tennis, golf, basketball, handball, beach volleyball. The club “Thermopolis” hosts concerts and dance evenings.

Terme Čatež, Slovenia

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