Southwest USA: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma

Southwest USA: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma

A region of the United States is referred to as the southwestern United States. Even the most sober natures can rave about in the southwest of the USA. According to listofusnewspapers, the states, which are culturally very strongly influenced by Mexico, are interesting, because here America is just as you know it from the cinema, television and advertising.

Grandiose landscapes, sleepy towns, and of course there are also cowboys and Indians here. With Arizona and its Grand Canyon a state belongs to the southwest, which for many people is the epitome of the USA.

In the footsteps of Sitting Bull and Wyatt Earp

There are many reasons to tour Arizona. The grandiose Grand Canyon is certainly one of the best! There are several options for discovering this breathtaking “natural monument”. Most tourists choose to access via the Grand Canyon Villige on the South Rim. There is everything you need for a Grand Canyon tour. Hotels, restaurants and shops are set up to meet the special needs of Canyon visitors, where you can fill up and cash out of the machine. So much convenience has its price: The village is particularly busy in summer and on public holidays – you can also call it “overcrowded”. Access to the canyon at the North Rim is used much less frequently. It’s only from mid-May to October here anyway Campsite in front. For tourists who are fit and can sometimes do without comfort, this access is the more recommended. Apropos fit: a canyon tour should not be underestimated in terms of physical requirements. If you have doubts or if you are traveling with older people or children, you can also discover the canyon from above in a very impressive way. Helicopter flights are booked on site.

Arizona does not only come up with this world-famous natural beauty, it also takes you to the wild pioneering days of the USA. At that time, European settlers contested the land with the indigenous people. That they prevailed is now an irreversible fact. In Arizona you can not only learn how the Indians once and their descendants live today, but also how the Europeans performed. A great address for this is the “Bird Cage Theater” in Tombstone, which is now a museum. When it was still a theater, it had a few other functions as well. Big sums of money were gambled here, there was a saloon and a brothel was conveniently part of the arrangement. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday took the door handle. A must for all Arizona visitors!

Glitter world and desert in Nevada

If around 220 years ago poker had to be played in secret in the catacombs of the Bird Cage Theater, then it can be played officially in Nevada today. Las Vegas and Reno are real gamblers’ havens where the casinos never close. If you have nothing to do with one-armed bandits or roulette, you might just visit the cities to see their glittering worlds and, in some cases, simply unbelievable hotel complexes. The shows in Las Vegas are also world class and definitely worth a visit. The contrast between the city and the surrounding desert is an experience that leaves a lasting impression on many travelers.

Welcome sports fans!

Two other states in the southwest should not go unmentioned: Utah and California. Utah is THE state for anyone who enjoys exercising in the fresh air. All year round, outdoor freaks can “let off steam” here. Hiking and golfing are the more harmless hobbies. The white water rides that are possible here are a little more daring. Even in winter, Utah doesn’t put your feet up. Then the skis and snowboards are taken from the cellar. Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002 – does one need to say more about the quality of winter sports? But before you start your trip, you should check that you have everything with you: Checklist for a ski holiday in the USA.

California, on the other hand, is the land of sun and beaches. Here you can live relaxed and comfortable and you can have a great holiday here. The state, which borders Mexico in the south, shines with great beaches on the Pacific and interesting cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. San Francisco is the stronghold of American fine dining and a destination for many gourmets from all over the world. Los Angeles and Hollywood, on the other hand, attract movie fans, VIP spotters and, of course, everyone who wants to become a star or at least a star themselves.

Southwest USA

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