Smartphone With Fuel Cell: Prototype With Jaq System Shows Myfc

The Swedish fuel specialist myFC has multiple smartphones with a fuel cell equipped, including an iPhone 7, a nexus 6 p and a HTC 10. The prototypes show above all the boundaries of technology.

The Swedish manufacturer of fuel solutions myFC has multiple tags by Smartphones and power packs shows where the battery was replaced with a fuel cell. The tank is however not integrated, but the devices have a mount in which the tank is used on the back. While the PowerCard developed by myFC is used. It makes your Smartphone then significantly fatter, as can be seen in the video for the iPhone-7 reconstruction of myFC. The tank can be changed during operation, the burner apparently contains a small buffer.

The finished PowerCard should be 6.5 mm thick and weigh 40 grams. It has only 900 mAh, which is about one-third to one half of the battery of current smartphones. To achieve a longer duration than with the normal Smartphone battery, so you have to take several PowerCards.

From $ 3 per Smartphone load

Had presented the PowerCards myFC earlier of this year along with the external charger JAQ. At that time, the speech was a price according to quantity discount between 1.50 and 2 dollars per card. On the homepage, a subscription to 4.90 euros per month is now mentioned, but no details of how many cards that contains and runs out as the Exchange itself fill not can the tanks. A delivery date is not called myFC.

The integration in smartphones appears little sense, because the devices need always a hydrogen tank. Rather, the combination of an external battery and fuel cell may convince also because they could charge other devices so – finally also no mobile reception should prevail in situations where one drives up for days no power socket, so that devices such as E-book reader, camera, or GPS Navi are important.

A similar concept was that intelligent 2015, there was energy British company just integrated the fuel cell into an iPhone, the tank remained outside. The former problems with fuel cells and hence the analysis on c’t online stay up-to-date:

¬∑Wenn the iPhone with the fuel cell…

Oh, Yes: The external PowerPack, mentioned in the article, with fuel cell power plant by eZelleron a few days ago the release date of the Kickstarter project moved: by the end of 2015 to December 2017.