Smartphone Made in Africa: Cheap Android Devices For Developing Locally Produce

A South African start-up plans the production of smartphones for $ 30. It is not the first attempt of its kind.

The idea to produce mobile phones in the developing world, is not new: so about the start-up VMK tried since last year to raise its own Smartphone production in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of the Congo with approximately 1.1 million inhabitants,. There seems but mainly on the adaptation of Chinese equipment to use. The young South African company Onyx connect wants to do something different, technology review reported in its Online Edition (“Smartphone made in Africa”).

The company indicates it import only the electronic inner workings of their phones from Chinese factories. However, the design work on the devices, their hull production as well as research and development for future models should be carried out completely on African soil. Onyx connect speaks according to own statements also with multinational technology companies, to enter in other segments in the shop with laptops, tablets, and other digital devices.

In the Smartphone business, Onyx will points connect with cheap goods: as an Android Smartphone with camera and one gigabyte of memory will cost just $ 30. The factory, which is to begin production in the spring of 2017, will produce the devices under license from Google, according to media reports.

VMK 2012 announced an own tablet with African roots. The hardware should compete with other cheap Android devices with 4 gigabytes of space with possibility of extension, a 7-inch screen with capacitive multi-touch operation, as well as Wi-Fi for wireless Internet. Ultimately produced the device that was taken back design, however not in the Republic of Congo, but, like many other electronics products was also in China. “That has the simple reason that here lacks we currently match factories,” the company said at that time.