Sights of Tuscany, Italy

Sights of Tuscany, Italy

According to 800Zipcodes, the Italian region of Tuscany is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic areas in Europe. In fact, the landscape is so enchanted that there is even a movie inspired by the special sunlight that falls over the hills (Under The Tuscan Sun). Tuscany has several enchanting cities, some of which are home to a wealth of sights. In Tuscany you will also find the most famous leaning tower in the world: the Tower of Pisa. If you want tips on what to see and do in Tuscany, you can view our top 10 sights for Tuscany.

Most places of interest in Tuscany can be found in beautiful cities such as Siena, Lucca and of course Florence. However, Tuscany also has dozens of enchanting villages where life sometimes seems to have stood still. Those who really want to experience Tuscany can best provide a nice mix between cities, villages and the breathtaking countryside.

Top 10 Tuscany Attractions

#1. Florence
As an ancient and historic city, Florence is at the top of the list of most visited cultural cities. This city known for its history, architecture, art and culture is visited by millions of tourists every year. Monuments and buildings such as the Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence Cathedral, Santa Croce, Michelangelo’s David, Santa Maria Novella, not to mention the special museums and galleries, make Florence a top destination. One of the world’s most famous and important art galleries in the world with international and Florentine art is the Uffizi in Florence. Just about all the big names pass by in this particularly beautifully designed large museum, which is worth a visit in itself.
Florence top 10 sights

#2. Lucca
Churches such as Duomo di San Martino, Basilica San Frediano and San Michele in Foro fill the characteristic city of Lucca. The Duomo di San Martino in particular attracts many visitors every year. The city’s former amphitheater from the 2nd century has been converted into an atmospheric square. This is Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. Like many large cities, Lucca also has a watchtower. From this Torre Guinigi you have a beautiful view over this old city. Don’t forget to visit the Pinacoteca Nazionale art museum. It is located in the former noble residence of Palazzo Mansi.

#3. Siena
Especially the University of Siena has put this beautiful city on the map. Since 1240, ‘Universit√† degli Studi di Siena’ has been renowned for its faculties of law and medicine. It is also thanks to this university that many historic buildings and squares have been kept. Famous sights include the Cathedral of Siena, Piazza del Campo, Torre del Mangia, San Domenico, Basilica dell’Osservanza and Palazzo Pubblico.

#4. Massa Maritima
In the southwest of Tuscany lies the beautiful region of Maremma. This is where the medieval city of Massa Maritima can be found. There are various walks that can be booked in this city, where you will be told excellently about the history of Massa Maritima. You walk through the narrow alleys along stairways and under various city gates. Of course, a visit to the beautiful cathedral ‘Saint Cerbone’s Cathedral’ is not missing during such a tour.

#5. Cortona
If you like a brisk walk through narrow historic streets, you should take a walk through the medieval city of Cortona. There are many historic buildings including the beautiful town hall ‘El Palacio Comunal’ with its large clock, the Cathedral of Cortona, Santuario di Santa Margarita and the Palazzo Pretorio which now houses the Museo dell’Academia Etrusca. The Fortezza Medicea di Girifalco fortress is located on a hill which is the highest point of Cortona. Here you will find a beautiful view of the city.

#6. Pisa
Perhaps there is no place in the world that has become as famous for a monument as Pisa with its leaning tower. But Pisa has of course much more to offer. There are at least twenty other monuments such as palaces, churches, squares and beautiful bridges to admire. For example, the Piazza del Duomo with the medieval cathedral ‘the Duomo’ is a beautiful sight. Both because of its size and its appearance. Also visit the square Piazza Dante where nice cafes and restaurants can be found. Or stroll through the luxury shopping street of Borgo Stretto, Corso Italia and Via Santa Maria.

#7. San Gimignano
The old historic town of San Gimignano in Tuscany has no fewer than thirteen towers. These towers, built mainly by wealthy families, mainly served as a striking residence to show how rich they were. There were once a total of 72 towers. Because so much has been preserved from the old days, San Gimignano attracts a lot of tourists in the summer season. They mainly visit the car-free streets and alleys and thus automatically pass the oldest tower of the city, La Rognosa. If you want to go shopping to buy some regional products, you should definitely walk through the most famous shopping street Via San Giovanni.

#8. Grotta del Vento
If you are looking for some refreshment in the warm Tuscany, you should visit the Grotta de Vento. This special cave can be found in northern Tuscany near Garfagnana, in the middle of the Apuan Alps. You can see, among other things, stalactites and stalagmites, forms of erosion on the walls and a ninety meter large source. There are various routes to follow so that it is also easy to do for families with children or older people. Those looking for a bit more of a challenge can head to the adventurous trails. You can climb via ladders, climbing wall or ropes.

#9. Islands of Elba, Montecristo, Giannutri, Giglio and Pianosa
From the town of Piombino it is very easy to make a trip to the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, namely Elba. The old town with the Piazza della Republica you walk up to the Santissima Misericorde church. Napoleon lived on the island of Elba for some time. That is why the island has three museums entirely devoted to this emperor. Tourists are especially charmed by the ports, the tranquility and nature on the island.

#10. Montecatini Terme
In the southwest lies the province of Pistoia. This is a special place with no fewer than nine spas. Montecatini Terme is therefore not called the thermal bathing resort of Europe for nothing. The water from those baths is said to have medicinal properties on the liver and digestive system. The nine baths all have their own name and place. The baths are called Excelsior, Redi, Grocco, La Salute, Leopoldine, Regina, Tamerici, Tettuccio and Torretta. The beautiful castle Montecatini Alto occupies a prominent place in the city.

Tuscany, Italy

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