SEGA Releases The Test Versions of Virtua Tennis Challenge and Sonic CD

SEGA you want to encourage the sale of their games for mobile devices, and for this this releasing free versions to test some of their games in Google Play. Now with the trial version of Sonic 4 Episode II for devices with Tegra 3 can download the trial versions Games Virtua Tennis Challenge and Sonic CD.

In Virtua Tennis Challenge FREE We can play to the training mode, currently not available in the pay version, in which you will find 5 tests in which we have to practice our hits to give the ball a few balloons. Once all the tests we will play a game in a set against an opponent. The full version offers three game modes and has a price of 4.51 euros.

On the occasion of the anniversary of SEGA’s mascot, today 23 June Sonic turns 21, extrude Sonic CD Lite in which we can prove two levels and a final boss, and they updated the paid version to add additional haptics functions so compatible devices to vibrate when we make some actions. The full version is priced at 2.81 euros and offers seven stages with three acts, each.

Is pleased that companies added updates for demonstration of their games to see if the game is really compatible with your device and most importantly, to test whether we like.