San José, California

San José, California


For tech freaks, a visit to San José is a must. This young city in California is the capital of the computer world. World-famous companies such as Apple and Hewlett Packard were founded here or have their headquarters there – or in the immediate vicinity.

The heart of Silicon Valley beats in San José and you can tell in this city too. Here you are always one step ahead of the others, a lot of money is made and a lot of money is spent here. In short: San José is a good place to live and even those who are not particularly concerned with technology should plan a few days for the city. The city’s gourmet restaurants are absolutely legendary.

Green islands with lots of charm

According to simplyyellowpages, high-tech is the hallmark of San José, but that doesn’t mean that everything here is made of steel and glass. The city has a couple of very interesting green islands that visitors will be grateful for, especially on hot days. Speaking of hot, speaking of weather: With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, you have to be really unlucky in California’s largest city to get into a period of bad weather. So it’s worth getting to know the charming parks better. The “Almaden Lake Park”, for example, has exactly what most holidaymakers dream of: a sandy beach, the best swimming and paddling opportunities and everything is guarded. An apropos is due again here. Although San José is the largest city in Northern California with a million residents, crime has (almost) no chance here.

Back to the parks. In this category, the “Guadalupe River Park and Gardens” have a real attraction to offer. An oversized “Monopoly” with life-size characters can be played there. If you have to go to jail for a few laps, you will be given the appropriate clothing! But that’s just one of the many highlights in the park. For example, please don’t miss the rose garden with no less than 3500 rose varieties. The historic orchard is also worth more than just a look. The third park in the group of those that should be named as a representative of many others is the “Prusch Farm Park”. In the middle of the city, rural life is evoked here. There are barbecue areas and picnic areas, and there is an orchard where you can even eat. Here and there a tractor stands around and there is no shortage of animals that otherwise tend to live on a farm. An ideal retreat for everyone who is traveling with children.

The art of understanding new technologies

But a bit of engineering and technology is necessary when you are in San José. A visit to the “Tech Museum of Innovation” enables an interactive approach to the latest developments and their influence on everyday life. The exhibition is structured in such a way that children (or adults who are completely unaffected by technology) learn to understand technical objects better. The museum also dares to take a look at what will technically flourish for mankind in the next few years and decades and how life will continue to change as a result.

What does technology have to do with art? The “ART-TECH Silicon Valley Institute of Art & Technology” has dedicated itself to this question. The gallery exhibits contemporary art related to technical innovations in the heart of the city. A visit is worth it either way. Those who are not interested in the exhibits will definitely see interesting exhibition visitors.

Experience history alive

History is fun when it is presented clearly. This is the case in the “San José History Museum”. The name unites almost 30 original or rebuilt houses, in which the life of the city of yore is reflected in economic, cultural and private facets. The complex is located in Kelley Park. The visitor can get to know the Mexican and Spanish roots, which make up a large part of the history of California, in the “Peralta Adobe & Fallon House Historic Site”. With more than ten fully furnished and fully equipped rooms in the building, it is possible to understand how wealthy Mexican families once lived here.

The environment looks pretty good

Anyone who chooses San José as a starting point for their visit to California naturally wants to go on exciting excursions. An absolute must is San Francisco with its famous Golden Gate Bridge. The renowned university town of Berkeley and the wine paradise in the Napa Valley can also be easily reached.

San José, California

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