Samsung to The Corporate Market in a Video against Apple and, Above All, RIM

It is already almost unusual to see Samsung facing their terminals to competition, but only when we talk about the iPhone, but this time Samsung has decided to go one step further and lashes out also against RIM, the guys at Blackberrys.

It’s an announcement somewhat strange, as I say, by the fact that not only is situated above the competition, but it does focus on environment: the corporate.

Samsung promotes, with the video that you have below, its ability to bring together the environment of leisure with work in a safe enough terminal. The Koreans have called SAFE -SAmsung For enterprise – this campaign.

Thus, boasts its ability of AES 256-bit encryption, the pair laughing who carries a BlacBerry for work and an iPhone for your personal life, presented as alternatives the Galaxy or Galaxy SIII Note II.