Samsung Says That ‘Working with Andy Rubin Is Hard’, with Sundar Pichai Are Best

A few days ago we learned of Andy Rubin kept his post in charge of Android and its replacement by which was – and still is – project manager at Chrome OS.

Reactions have not wait too long and since your own Samsung come to support this decision, which may perhaps have contributed their bit. And is that they relations with Andy Rubin were quite difficult.

The words come from the product manager of Samsung, Kevin Packingham, already guarantees the arrival of Sundar Pichai:

“It’s hard to work with Rubin, when he takes a position, there is no way to make him change his mind.”

We could bring closer the relationship between words and operating system, the March of this myth in charge of Android if we bear in mind that Samsung is slowly cannibalizing resulting in little comfortable positions from Google.

What is it immediately once we consider that Android and Chrome OS will share the same head of product, is that converge positions. Although is ruled out a merger of both platforms, perhaps Google surprise us in the I/o within a couple of months with some integration.