Samsung Is Already Working on The S6 Galaxy, and Its Machinery Media Begins to Move

It is no secret that manufacturers of smartphones work very fast and months in advance on the market, as when a device launches design teams already have almost the measure taken to its relay.

Thus, I do not think that we are going to tell you any news pump if you say that Samsung is already working on its future smartphone star, a Galaxy S6 already advancing in their development under the internal name Project Zero, and that it should reach the market in the first quarter of next year.

With the current fifth generation of the Galaxy S, Samsung flirted with a slight change of course, presenting a terminal that would put focus on functionality and user experience, rather than in a bumper range specifications which had been the usual mark of identity of its range more media.

Galaxy Note 4 Yes has been left wanting the best hardware on the market, but that has not silenced criticism of the S5 Galaxy, it seems that Samsung will be taken to the Galaxy S6 as a new challenge, designing from scratch that will be its flag bearer future. That at least is what leads us to understand its internal name: fatal frame.

Samsung Galaxy S6, smear and new account?

Have been the guys from SamMobile who have revealed some leaked details of the new project of Samsung, which apparently He will attempt to become the most advanced smartphone on the market in every way.

Do not want to say either that the Korean giant will eliminate its hallmarks, but yes it seems that Samsung wants to return to its recipe for success with a terminal that look for the best list of specifications, also ensuring that listening to users also. We assume that a change of materials there will be more the line of Note 4 and the Galaxy Alpha.

In terms of hardware capabilities, there is speculation a new evolution of the SuperAMOLED technology, with which it would manufacture the Panel 5.2 inches and resolution QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels).

It seems that Samsung will return with the Galaxy S6 to the path of its range more media, riding the best available hardware and best materials, in addition to its usual array of software functionality.

The chipset would be also new Bill, with 64-bit and self-produced architecture: a Samsung Exynos 7420 with big eight-core processor. LITTLE, four of them Cortex-A53 and other four Cortex-A57. As always, another version powered by a Qualcomm solution, in this case you would throw a Snapdragon 810.

Also refers to an internal memory that will raise its minimum up to 32 GB, 5MP front and rear camera with 16 or 20 megapixel Sony IMX240 sensor.

At the moment only early rumors of a terminal than We should know in February or March of the next year, perhaps again in the context of a Mobile World Congress 2015 which will return to be held in Barcelona.

Leakage there will be many more, so we will be attentive to bring you the information always point. What do expect you the next Galaxy S6 of Samsung?