Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Is Displayed in a Video ‘Unboxing’ Officer

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge It is since its presentation the dark desire of every good geek: a terminal innovator, with a flexible display that Samsung has tried to take advantage for the first time in commercial format, although for the time being by way of experiment and a circulation of Irish units.

The terminal is now available in South Korea, and soon will come to the United States in a slow advance, hopefully, bring him in the coming weeks to Europe although the prohibitive price that we have seen so far.

It will not be a best seller or leave filled the coffers of Samsung, but the Koreans know well how should monetize his design exercise, especially by removing performance media to a Note Edge shown in his first official “unboxing” video.

You have already seen that nothing, missing the twin brother of Note 4 Although lost along the way the metallic frame for its curved screen towards the right side, where we can use some features and software, display notifications bag or keep the menus away from content.

We don’t know if it will come officially to Spain, because given the limited stock Samsung did not want to announce your availability, releasing it gradually in all markets. When you finally arrive still it will take a few weeks more to do so, and its insurance price that become you a more ‘exclusive’ smartphone.

We hope to be able to test it thoroughly for you, but for now if you want to go opening mouth here same here our first touchdown in video, made this last month of September at the IFA fair in Berlin: