Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Could Reach Europe in December

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was the big surprise of Samsung in the IFA in September, and presented as a limited edition of Galaxy Note 4 with curved screen towards the frame right side has become the obscure object of desire of the majority of geeks eager for innovation.

The device already has released in his native Korea in the South, where it is sold at a prohibitive price and very limited. There is no much information about its expansion to other markets, although it seems that this subject evolves little by little without that Samsung wants to venture out to announce its official launch in too many countries.

The Koreans are careful to avoid problems of demand, but the Galaxy Note Edge It will be in stores in the United States from this same Friday, also with the same conditions of limited terminal and cost high – priced at 945.99 dollars -.

Today we can confirm that the most innovative device all Android in this 2014 catalog also will step European soil, Although we will have to wait for December and start preparing about 899 euros if you want to buy some limited units, Samsung sent to stores selected in our markets.

The first country that has announced that it will have what is Denmark, where you will arrive on December 12 at a price between the 849 and 899 euros, Although it seems that also Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, France, Austria, Portugal and the Nordic countries will enjoy it in Germany, United Kingdom,.

Here you have models that will be available and the countries where they come:

SM-N915F • Russia and Kazakhstan.

SM-N915FY • Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Austria and the Nordic countries.

SM-N915G • India, Australia, Singapore and Nepal.

Good news, though at the moment no official move by Samsung Spain as it has been in Germany, where the territorial division of the Korean giant has promised to bring the terminal if users vote positive on a survey.

We must waiting still to Samsung Spain release garment, but so are we, that we will remain alert to inform you of the steps of the Galaxy Note Edge.