Rumors about Microsoft’s Inexpensive Mobile: Lumia 435

Although it is always the advanced flagships are all interested in the growing market for cheap-or intermediate mobiles. Microsoft’s plans for their latest cheap model is was revealed.

Nokia Lumia 435

Microsoft Lumia 435 will be the cheapest Lumia-mobile ever and Phone Arena tells that it is to be sent to India and be tested. The price is at $ 57, IE. just over 350 Danish crowns.

We want to compare the price of Lumia 435 with price with one of the year’s best flag ships, we can say that it will be possible to buy 15 Lumia 435-units for the price of only one Galaxy Note 4!

Lumia 435: Cheap, but with very fine specifications

Microsoft’s latest cheap mobile has a 5 MP main camera, as well as a 200-Snapdragon processor. If one can rely on rumors, there is no front camera, but the 4-inch screen is the same as in Lumia 520, Microsoft’s best-selling model.

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