Rich Profit – Samsung Remains the No.1. 1

Samsung has achieved a record result in the sales of its smartphones 2013 again in the third quarter: due to higher chip prices and the successful sales of Samsung smartphones in the lower and middle price segment can Samsung for the second time in a row neatly spoils book: the South Koreans expect an operating profit of nearly 10.1 trillion won (6.9 billion euros) for the third quarter. In the previous year, this is an increase of 25 per cent for Samsung.

In the second quarter, the market leader Samsung had achieved a new world record with about 9.5 trillion won. Still no indication was made to the height of the net profits of the group.

Analysts expected for 2013 but at Samsung with an operating profit of approximately 38.5 trillion won – that would be an increase in profit by one-third. For the months of July to September, Samsung expects an increase by 13.1 percent to 59 trillion won in sales.

Samsung is not quite so successful at selling his flagship: sales of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S4 from 20 million units in the first two months after the launch in April on approximately 15 million units in the third quarter declined, as reported by the investment firm of Hyundai. You can see the reason at Samsung in a saturation of the market in the long term all Smartphone manufacturers have to fight with. The most recent example is HTC: on Friday for the first time in its history, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer reported a quarterly loss.

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