Our Site Says Goodbye to the Dog-Ready with New Universe

Phone company our site says goodbye to the well-known boston terrier and Hello to a whole new universe. See what it is all about here.

New subscriptions, new design in advertising and on the website, as well as a new slogan. It is a reality with phone company our site from tomorrow, Wednesday the 27.February 201our site. It also means goodbye to the well-known boston terrier, which is probably, next to the dog, Thor, is Denmark’s most famous dog.

The phone company is ready with a brand new universe, which must make it all the more clear and simple.

Mobile subscriptions are accused often to be incredibly unpredictable and anything but user-friendly. It will now make up with our site and therefore introduces new subscriptions, where there should only be selected from data.

The old slogan “a network in contrast to” take turns “future networks”.

There must be wagered on technology portion, which is done with HD Voice and 4 g LTE both on smartphones and mobile broadband from the outset.

our site take their role as challenging, seriously in the mobile market, and this new traits can be the start of a new price war on the Danish market, where competitors follow suit.

HD Voice, a parameter for the Danes?

Denmark’s largest telecommunications company, TDC, was the first company that gave customers access to HD Voice – this happened in the month of September 2011.

And then told our site also would be ready with HD Voice during 2012. The company is now so clear, that it is in their new marketing gets an important role.

In step with more and more phones come with HD Voice support is therefore also become important for telecoms companies to offer this. One of Denmark’s top selling phones, iPhone 5, also supports HD Voice, which may also have pushed on.

Also speed and speed will be an argument from our site, which is also ready with full garbage on 4 g LTE to Danes, both on the phone and via the mobile broadband.