Our site: New Navis Go 950 Live and Go 750 Live

Our site IQ routes determined more precise routes based on historical speed profiles would choose also well-informed locals, and avoids so chronically clogged streets. The IQ routes technology based on information about the actually achieved average speeds at any time on any day of the week. Leads IQ routes according to Our site to the choice of a faster route in up to 35 percent of all cases and help as time, money, fuel to save.

New: The best Tank steles in the Vicinity

The go models have a live service including fuel prices that provide information to the cheapest petrol station on a route or in the vicinity of a place, as well as a live overview , in which sums up all the important information for a selected route will be. Customers in Germany have the opportunity to redeem a voucher for a TMC traffic info receiver after the free three-month trial period of the Live services if they want to not use the real-time services or will the service with 9.95 euro per month to beech.

Eco routes: rather sparingly as quickly on the way

The of the route options menu have been added to the new option eco routes so driver prior to departure can decide whether they would rather go on the fuel-efficient route to the destination. Under the menu item preferred objectives, users choose goals often driven out.

Our site Go 750 and Go 950: Maps of up to 45 Countries

The Our site Go 950 Live features maps of 45 European countries, Canada and the United States; the Our site Go 750 live only on the maps of Europe. In addition, up-to-date travel information for 30 European major cities on both devices are installed, providing numerous tips in the text and image format to restaurants, hotels or shopping. The Navis are available in the fall of 2009, the prices will be promptly announced. (rs)

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