Main Attractions in United Arab Emirates

Main Attractions in United Arab Emirates

Majlis Umm al-Shaif
According to a2zdirectory, the summer residence of the late Ruler of Dubai, built in the 50s. last century in the coastal region of Umm Suqeim, has been restored and is now open to the public. It demonstrates the operation of the traditional falaj irrigation system. Getting to know the Majlis gives an idea of ​​the rapid development of the Emirate in recent years.

Historical and ethnographic village and the “village of pearl divers”
Not far from the entrance to the Bay there is a historical and ethnographic village, where visitors get acquainted with the Emirate’s maritime history, its maritime history, pearl fishing, and architecture. Bedouin tents are also set up here, where potters and weavers sell their products. Nearby you can ride a camel. The Pearl Divers’ Village is also part of a grandiose project to turn the Shindag district into a cultural reserve that recreates the look and life of ancient Dubai.

Al Ahmadiyya School – Al Ahmadiyya Museum of Education
is the first school in Dubai, which was built in 1912 by Sheikh Ahmad bin Dalmouk. During its restoration, the same materials were used from which it was originally built: gypsum, coral, shells, stone, and sandalwood.

House Built in 1890 by the famous merchant Benjamaan, the house now houses a museum of traditional architecture. Its exposition introduces the architecture of the Gulf countries and objects of traditional decorative art.

“Wild Wadi”
This is an amazing modern water park, which is part of the Jumeirah Beach resort. It has 24 attractions, 16 of which are combined into one complex. Among them is the highest high-speed water descent (there is an analogue only in the USA). Powerful jets of water lift four people at the same time along the gutters to the height of the mountain. There is also another attraction unique in the Middle East, allowing thrill-seekers to ride a board on a wave that reaches about three meters in height.

Emirates Towers
The towers of this hotel and business complex are visible from every corner of the city. The office tower, 350 meters high, is the tallest building not only in the Middle East, but also in Europe. The Emirates Towers hotel tower was conceived primarily as a hotel for business people and is equipped with all the necessary amenities to receive traveling businessmen and executives of various levels.

Burj Al Arab
Built on an artificial island, built 280 meters from the shore, this 321 meters high hotel, in the form of a huge wind-filled sail, is one of the masterpieces of architecture. With restaurants on the uppermost and underwater floors, luxury interiors and 202 two-story suites, the hotel is, in architectural style, exceptional in the world.

“Magic Planet”
Located in the giant Deira City Center shopping center, along with an 11-screen cinema, it is a unique entertainment complex for children, including bowling alleys, a labyrinth, a variety of electronic games and a mini-golf course.

“Wonderland” The “Wonderland”
family recreation park spread over 18 hectares can accommodate up to 8,000 people at the same time. The park offers guests to visit many water attractions: slopes, surfs, artificial waves and more. It also hosts a water show and a “water movie”. In addition, visitors will find a full range of traditional “land” attractions.

“Meeting Zone”
Located in the shopping center “Vafi” and is an entertainment center designed for both children and adults. The popular “Crystal Labyrinth” is adjacent here to the horror room and the hall for the demonstration of holographic films. Imitation of the “roller coaster” creates the feeling of steep descents from the mountains, as well as flying on the “Comet” around the skyscraper.

The Godolphin
Gallery The Godolphin Gallery was created to showcase a unique collection of prizes won by race horses from the Maktoum family’s privately owned Godolphin Stables. Only here you can see such masterpieces as the diamond dish of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth from De Beers, the Prince of Wales Prize, the main prize of the Arc de Triomphe and the Dubai World Cup.
In 2002, the Gallery was completely renovated and equipped with interactive touch screens, cinematic photographs and video presentations. Here are exhibits that tell about the first eight years of the existence of the Godolphin stables.

Bani Yas
Square The Bani Yas Square ensemble in downtown Deira is dominated by the Deira Tower, with its distinctive round hat, one of the first attempts to integrate modern architecture into the surrounding traditional buildings. The tower is designed so that the shops, offices and residential areas located in it are not affected by the hot summer climate. Nearby, on the shore of the Bay, the Al-Uwais skyscraper rises with vertical lines directed to the sky, crowned with arches.

Al Bum
Tourist Village Al Bum Tourist Village is bordered by Creek Side Park. It has a banquet hall with 2,000 seats, a cafeteria, a restaurant, an amusement park, an ornamental lake, and a pier with five dhows. Due to its traditional architecture, the village is one of the landmarks of the city. Soon full-service chalets will be built here, as well as a five-star hotel in the form of a sailing dhow.

Dubai Zoo
The zoo located in Jumeirah is very popular. Here you can see many representatives of the animal world of Arabia, including the Arabian wolf, which is no longer found in the wild, Gordon’s wild cat and the only colony of Socotrian cormorants living and breeding in captivity in the world. The large aviary contains birds of prey that are found in the region. In addition, there are nine species of large cats and seven species of primates. The zoo will soon move to the mushrif park and will be reconstructed, which will expand its territory and keep animals in conditions close to their natural habitat.

Parks and gardens
Numerous parks, which, like green oases, are scattered throughout the city, allow you to hide from the noise and bustle of the city.
They are especially good for family holidays and picnics. For children there are playgrounds with attractions.
The largest city parks are Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai Creek Side Park, Mushrif Park, Al Mamzar Park and Safa Park.

Golf Courses
Even those who are not fond of golf will be curious to visit Dubai golf clubs, which are interesting both for their original architecture and for the experience of successful desert greening and creation of an artificial landscape here.

The Hatta Fort Inn features a 9-hole ‘village’ golf course, providing a unique opportunity to play golf in a rugged mountainous setting.

Surroundings of Dubai
From the seashore to the mountain peaks, Dubai appears as a diverse and amazingly beautiful natural landscape. Most of the territory of the Emirate – up to 4 thousand square kilometers – is desert. These are rocky plains, high sand dunes and bizarre combinations of sand, stone and poor vegetation.
Nevertheless, an amazing variety of flora and fauna is concentrated on the outwardly barren expanses.
True, most of the vegetation is seasonal, and animals are predominantly nocturnal. The desert – once harsh and impregnable – hides a lot of opportunities for an exciting vacation, from jeep safaris to skiing from the dunes.

Main Attractions in United Arab Emirates

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